Summer Olympics 2016: Wrestler Jordan Burroughs on Eating Right and His Intense Training


Jordan Burroughs is hungry for more gold.

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The New Jersey native took home a gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics and is looking to become the first American wrestler to win back-to-back golds since 1992. Burroughs has won three world championships in his career already and is well-prepared to earn some hardware in Rio—he has an intense training routine that includes plyometric workouts and a lot of work on the wrestling mat.

“We’re out there on the mats five or six times per week for two-hour sessions,” Burroughs says. “Those include work on technique, conditioning, technical work, and drilling” to help keep Burroughs strong and in top shape. Burroughs also makes a strong effort to eat right, and his work with Chobani has given him the chance to get his nutrition where it needs to be heading into Rio.

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In the video below, Burroughs speaks with Men’s Fitness about his training, shows off some of the food he eats to stay in shape, and gives his prediction about how the United States will perform in Rio.