Super Bowl Sunday’s Caloric Damage


Drank a Bud yesterday? That’ll Be 395 burpees today.  

While recent research from the independent market research firm NPD Group found that veggies are the most popular game day food for the Super Bowl, we’re betting that you didn’t just snack on celery sticks and baby carrots.

Considering that the average fan consumes 2,400 calories during the game, it’s time to face the facts and get back on track for the week. Here is 2,400-calories worth of the other most popular (and less fitness-friendly) food served up for the big game and what it’s going to take to negate it.

Calorie counts are based on company nutritional information. Activity MET values provided by the National Cancer Institute and the Compendium of Physical Activities Tracking Guide were used for calculations based on a 180-pound, 6’1” male.

Ate It: One slice of a Pizza Hut 14” pepperoni hand-tossed crust pizza
300 calories
Negate It: 30 minutes of vigorous effort on a stationary bike

Ate It: Six Buffalo Wild Wings bone-in wings with buffalo sauce
442 calories
Negate It: 553 jumping jacks

Ate It: One 2.17-oz package of Skittles
250 calories
Negate It: 25 minutes of high-intensity kettlebell circuit training with minimal rest

Ate It: Four 12-oz Budweiser beers
580 calories
Negate It: 1,580 burpees

Ate It: 22 Doritos Nacho Cheese chips
280 calories
Negate It: One hour of nonstop lunges

Ate It: One bag of microwave Orville Redenbacher butter popcorn
425 calories
Negate It: 40 minutes of pushups, crunches, and pull-ups with minimal rest.

Ate It: Six tablespoons of Whole Foods spinach and artichoke dip
123 calories
Negate It: 10 minutes of jumping rope.

Grand Total: 2,400 calories and one hell of a workout

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