Super Pump Shoulder and Arm Workout

Barbell curl main

The concept of spending hours upon hours in the gym is long, long gone. High intensity in shorter time is where it’s at these days, and rightfully so, it works. To save you some time, ISSA-certified Monica Eiler lays out a quick and hardcore workout for your shoulders and arms in under 20 minutes.

Directions: Perform all exercises consecutively, without rest. Rest 30 seconds between sets.

1a. Push Press, 5×10

1b. Barbell Curl, 5×10

1c. Alternating hammer Curls, 5×10 per arm

1d. Barbell Skullcrusher, 5×10

1e. Close-Grip Chest Press, 5×10 (use same bar as with skullcrusher)

1f. Alternating Front and Lateral Raises, 5×10 per move


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