Take on the Game Changer Training Plan

It’s one thing to radically transform your body. It’s another to do it while still meeting the demands of your day job and keeping a social life to boot. In many cases, the choice is one or the other—live like a monk to get in shape, or settle for subpar results. Well, we know you don’t have the time to be overly analytical with your training and diet, but you still want a body you can be proud of. The Game Changer Training Plan lets you do it.

We’ve combined a simple bodybuilding training plan with an even simpler diet. You’re going to eat light during the day and then load up at night. If you have a job that runs nine to five (or much later), this approach will fit perfectly with your routine. During the day, when you don’t have much time to eat anyway, you can have some lean protein, veggies, and fruit—all easily attainable at any restaurant, deli, or buffet. By not eating starchy carbs at this time, you’ll stay alert throughout the day and burn more fat. Then, at night (and, preferably, after you do a workout), you’ll get to feast. Load up on plenty of carbs to support your training—since your calories will have been low all day, you can eat liberally at night without risk of fat gain. That means you can meet friends for dinner and not have to order dry chicken and lettuce. You can have a satisfying meal—even two of them, if you like.

The Game Changer Workout

The Game Changer Diet