Taking on the Transformassacre

A few months back, Charlie Romano, the Sr. Marketing Manager at Men’s Fitness, put his time, effort and heart into an 8-week transformation, which we documented in The Transformassacre. The mission of the project was to practice dedication and determination to a goal with the end result being a body that reflects that hard work. And our job was to give you the blueprint to get there. Charlie’s results were a huge success—he dropped weight, gained lean mass and shed body fat. He even started developing those coveted six-pack abs. Isn’t that why our readers come to Men’s Fitness? How to do it and how to get there. Charlie placed all of his trust in the hands of his trainer, Dan Trink. (A man who lost 50 lbs. himself.) He received one-on-one nutrition and training consultation, 2 free sessions per week with a trainer at PEAK Performance (an quality training facility in Midtown Manhattan), a food stipend and free products from GNC. The return for him was the body he wanted. Lean and cut. And most importantly, knowing he made a positive difference. Transformassacre Part II is set to return on April 24th with the goal of Slimming Down for Summer. We’re excited to announce that Men’s Fitness Magazine and MensFitness.com are seeking the next participant in the Transformassacre. To be eligible, you must fill the following requirements:

  • Must live in or around NYC.
  • Must be willing to report to PEAK Performance Training facility EVERY Tuesday and Thursday to work out between the hours of 1 PM-2 PMbeginning on Tuesday, April 24th for 8 weeks. End Date: June 14th
  • Must be willing to take before photos, body measurements and basic vital statistics.
  • Must be willing to work out 2 days alone in addition to the 2 days with the trainer.
  • Must follow the entire training plan and dietary guidelines.
  • Must be willing to be filmed each week and be featured in a video going through the daily tasks whether it be training, eating or managing your day-to-day.
  • Your progress will be tracked and published at Week 5 and your final photos will be showcased on Week 8. Get a glimpse at Charlie’s Transformassacre here >>

If you would like to participate in The Transformassacre Part II and you meet all of the above requirements, send an email to successstories@mensfitness.com with the subject line “Transformassacre”. You’ll be making a huge difference by educating and inspiring our readers through firsthand experience and, at the same time, scoring a killer physique. Be a part of the community effort on the Men’s Fitness Facebook Page >>> Keep up with the Transformassacre trend on Twitter with #Transformassacre.