Tap Into DNA to Lose 33% More Weight

Tap Into DNA to Lose 33% More Weight

How sci-fi cool is this: You scrape the inside of your mouth with a cotton swab, mail it to a lab in England—and two weeks later, you’re poring over a DNA report detailing your optimal diet; the best and worst foods for your body; how sensitive you are to gluten, milk, eggs, and alcohol; and even how to exercise to maximize your body’s potential.

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Oh, and you’re also on your way to losing 33% more weight than all the poor suckers trying to figure it out on their own.

That, says the European Society of Human Genetics, is the stunning finding of a new study on nutrigenetics, the cutting-edge science of nutrition- and fitness-related gene analysis.

Best of all, anyone can get in on the action. “We advise clients how to modify their environment—diet, lifestyle, exercise—to fit their genes, then recommend meal plans and/or workout protocols,” says Keith Grimaldi, Ph.D., chief scientific officer at DNAFit, a top lab that’s worked with Olympic athletes and pro soccer teams.

Diet and fitness tests from dnafit.com run $163–$410 (or $79 to convert your results from 23andme.com). Best bucks we’ve ever spent: Click here to read about our very own tests!

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