Team USA’s Mattie Rogers Claims 3 Golds at World University Weightlifting Championships

Team USA’s Mattie Rogers Claims 3 Golds at World University Weightlifting Championships

She’s a superstar for a reason.

Mattie Rogers, the darling of American weightlifting, cruised through her lifts at the World University Championships on Wednesday, setting new American university records in the 69kg weight class en route to two gold medals for Team USA. And at the end of the day, she seemed pretty stoked about it:


But let’s back up—before the victory tacos. Rogers started off by nailing three consecutive lifts in the snatch, hitting 95kg and 99kg before notching a 103kg (227 lb) lift, a solid 5kg above runner-up Beata Jung of Hungary, for gold medal number 1:


She followed up that lift with another three-for-three performance in the clean and jerk, nailing 122kg and 126kg before putting up an impressive 132kg. That mighty lift—which, by the way, is nearly twice her body weight—bested second-place Marie-Eve Beauchemin-Nadeau of Canada by 9kg. She also won gold for her total combined weight, 335kg, which was an astounding 20kg more than total runner-up Beauchemin-Nadeau, the 2014 World University Games champion.


Here’s a combined video of all of Rogers’ lifts, courtesy of USA Weightlifting. (By the way: Going six-for-six is not an easy feat. It’s roughly equivalent to hitting 12 consecutive three-pointers in basketball, which is something that, like, maybe Steph Curry can do, on a good day.)


Rogers wasn’t the only American weightlifter to send shockwaves through the games.

Kerri Keegan, who competes in the lightest weight class (48kg), won a bronze in the snatch (at 64kg) and a gold in the clean and jerk (at 87kg). Her total of 151kg tied with that of Taiwan’s Meng-Chung Chiang, but because Keegan is a tiny bit lighter, she walked away with the gold in the total as well. Keegan’s compatriot Caitlin Hogan netted silvers across the board, finishing with 81kg in the snatch, 107kg in the clean and jerk, and a total of 151kg—all new American university records in her weight class. Their two podium finishes, which came before Rogers’ win, ensured that Team USA completed an international grand slam (a top-three finish in every meet) for Team USA. (Mary Peck, who competes at 63kg, also won a gold with a new American university record 95kg snatch).

On the men’s side, it was a sea of silvers for Team USA, with 85kg lifter Travis Cooper taking second in the clean and jerk (180kg) and fellow 85kg lifter James Tatum taking silver in the snatch (151kg) and overall (329kg). Angelo Bianco took silver across the board in the 77kg weight class, snatching 140kg and cleaning 175kg for a second-place total of 315kg. (Bianco also wins the unofficial “Weightlifter Most Likely to Be Mistaken for Wolverine” award from Men’s Fitness. It’s a cool-looking trophy.)


Check out the full results from the event at the International Weightlifting Federation site, and learn more about USA Weightlifting here.