Terry Crews Will Not Be Stopped

Terry Crews Will Not Be Stopped

July 30th is a day legends are born. Arnold Schwarzenegger turned 68 today and Terry Crews is 47.

We find it more than a little ironic that Terry Crews keeps starring in movies titled The Expendables, because Terry Crews is anything but expendable.

Seriously: Who does Terry Crews better than Terry Crews?

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He is both a dynamic entertainer and a physical force of nature. He continues to earn laughs on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which won a Golden Globe in 2014 for best comedy series. He performs “nip-synching” duets on late-night TV. He sells Old Spice by playing keyboard solos with his abs.

And, of course, he’s graced the cover of Men’s Fitness.

So happy birthday, Terry, and here’s to many more years of playing music with your muscles.

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