THC-O, HHC, and Delta 10; Binoid Is Bringing You the Latest Compounds in the Hemp Space


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You’ve probably heard of hemp, the botanical class of cannabis with more uses than we can count. It’s one of the fastest-growing plants on Earth, which makes it an extremely sustainable way to create clothing, textiles, animal feed, paper, protein powders, and even milk. This multifaceted plant can do it all, but hemp is at its best when it’s paired with THC and CBD.

That’s why Binoid uses hemp to create its THC and CBD products. Binoid is a premier CBD and Delta-8 brand that specializes in high-end products that use all of the cannabinoids hemp has to offer.

From Delta-10 vape cartridges to THC-O tinctures, Binoid understands the value of using every part of the hemp plant. If you’re looking for hemp products with innovative compounds and industry-best standards, Binoid’s products are hemp-derived, made in the USA, and 100% natural.


Binoid’s Delta-10, THC-O, and HHC products are always carefully sourced from the finest materials. With its nutrient-rich soil and extensive knowledge of farming, Binoid is only willing to grow its plants on one hemp farm in Oregon. By working with local farmers, Binoid grows rich hemp plants with the highest quality plant genetics, soils, potent cannabinoid concentrations, and strains that are beneficial for your mind and body.

Since 2018, Binoid has brought the opportunity to try unique, potent, and delicious hemp-derived products to thousands of individuals, thanks to their plants’ natural roots.

To ensure their high-quality hemp is safe and enjoyable for all, Binoid products are meticulously tested before being sent to outside labs for even more testing. This company is unwilling to settle for anything less than Food Grade Quality, Kosher Certified products ready for everyday use.

Binoid is all about research, finding new hemp compounds to keep its Delta-10, THC-O, and HHC products on the cutting-edge. With its certified state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities,

Binoid is bringing you the latest compounds in the hemp space so that you can exist in a new headspace.

Meet Binoid’s Three Vital Hemp Compounds

Before we dive into their potent products, let’s talk a little more about Binoid’s research into these groundbreaking compounds. Delta-10 mimics the effects of sativa, but it’s derived from the hemp plant. It belongs to the same compound category as Delta-8 and Delta-9, and it creates a mind-blowing effect. Delta-10 is a THC isomer that provides an intense head buzz and energy boost, unlike Delta-8, which mimics indica’s chilled-out vibes.

THC-O is one of Binoid’s newest discoveries. THC-O is extracted like its BFF Delta-8, but it packs way more of a punch. This hemp-derived cannabinoid is far more potent than Delta-8, Delta-10, or even regular THC. Providing a powerful body and mind buzz, THC-O is the new and improved THC.

Now, what about HHC? HHC is another cannabinoid breakthrough from Binoid that delivers a strong physical and mental buzz, not unlike Delta-9. HHC is another very powerful hemp-derived compound. It’s not as potent as THC-O, but it’s more potent than Delta-10 and Delta-8. You could say it’s meeting us in the middle.

These three hemp compounds are what make Binoid products the hottest innovations on the market—Try HHC, THC-O and Delta 10 products today!

Delta 10 Vape Products Achieve So Much—In Just a Few Puffs

Delta-10 products from Binoid provide a strong and vital daily mental boost. Available in tinctures, vapes, and bundles, Binoid’s Delta-10 is extremely versatile.

These Delta-10 vapes by Binoid are hitting the market with a bang. Using the perfect mixture of compounds, these deliciously flavored vapes are innovative strains with a mental buzz and body calmness that’s hard to pass up.

If you’re looking for a delicious Cookies and Cream flavored Delta-10 vape, you’ve come to the right place. Binoid is one of the first companies to have Delta-10 THC vape products available online with 62% pure Delta-10, 30% Delta-8, and terpenes.

The Cookies and Cream (Hybrid) Vape is made for relaxation and relief. After hitting a Delta-10 Cookies and Cream vape, you’ll experience positivity, energy, and even a sense of productivity.

For better living and a healthy and helpful mental boost, this Delta-10 vape is the only vape on the market that achieves so much in just a few puffs.

Binoid also offers sativa and indica vapes with refreshing terpene strains including Strawberry Cough, Pineapple Express, and Purple Punch. Their Purple Punch indica is a chiller alternative to the Cookies and Cream Delta-10 vape for those of us craving a calmer experience. As well, you can also try all of them at once because of the Delta 10 THC bundles!

With total body and mind relaxation, the indica in this Delta-10 vape for resting or relaxing after a long day of work.


You Won’t Find These THC-O Products Anywhere Else

Binoid’s THC-O product options are hard to turn down. With their 92% premium distillate and potent terpene flavors, you won’t find these brand-new THC-O products such as THC-O vapes, THC-O tinctures, THC-O dabs, and THC-O bundles anywhere else on the market.

The THC-O compound from Binoid is currently available to buy online as a vape, tincture, or wax dab. If you’re looking for an elevated buzz and a delicious flavor experience, the Maui Wowie THC-O vape is a must-try. Some describe the compound as semi-psychedelic and also puts them in a great mood.

This sativa strain is great for that kick of energy you need throughout your day. Binoid’s Maui Wowie THO-O vape provides a focused and day-long sense of happiness. If island breezes aren’t your style—or you’re looking for a little R&R—you can try Binoid’s other flavors and strains like the Blue Zkittlez (Indica), White Runtz (Hybrid) or the Do Si Dos (Indica.)

Whatever you’re in the mood for, Binoid has a vape with your name on it.


The THC-O tinctures are another incredible new addition to Binoids’s hemp-derived products. These powerful tinctures come in bundles with 1000mg of THC-O in each bottle. Expect a light and pleasant natural flavor, and a heavy buzz.

Each tincture in this bundle is made for deep mental and physical relaxation. If you’re looking for an even heavier buzz, the THC-O wax dabs are for you.
For a strong mental and physical buzz, try these hemp-derived THC-O vapes and get ready for an exciting experience.

Made of 92% Premium HHC

Binoid’s website is one of the only places you can find HCC products online. Their HHC products are made of 92% premium HHC and always mixed with delicious terpenes.

Binoid’s Lucid Blue HHC Vape Sativa provides a potent and powerful buzz with an exciting and intense effect. The Lucid Blue sativa strain serves up amazing flavors and is great for mental relaxation. Other HHC Vape Cartridge strains include Hawaiian Sunrise, Cali Gold, Super Silver Haze, and Gorilla Glue. Or, you can grab them in an awesome HHC vape bundle pack.

For a warmer vibe, the Sunset Sherbert HHC vape is a chill indica for those hot summer nights. It’s just as potent and powerful as its sativa counterpart, with the relaxation only an indica can provide. You can also try HHC in an ingestible product such as their popular HHC tincture 1000mg. Whether you’re more into indica, sativa, or hybrids, HHC vapes from Binoid bring the buzz.

You’ll never need another vape when you buy HHC vapes from Binoid!

If It’s Not Binoid, It’s Not Worth It

Even vape connoisseurs may be new to HHC, THC-O products, or Delta-10. That’s probably because you haven’t heard of Binoid. This company creates breakthrough after breakthrough in the market, letting new research shine through. There’s no end to the hemp plant’s secret powers, and Binoid is making sure those discoveries can be shared for everyone to enjoy.

What else can we harness for body relaxation and mental stimulation? Binoid is on a mission to provide people with high-quality hemp-derived products that never compromise on a full mind and body experience.

If you’re in search of a company that understands the hemp plant and how to use its many compounds, Binoid is for you. If you’re in search of a company that provides the most potent buzzes, Binoid is for you. If you never settle for less, Binoid is for you.

Binoid understands that more is more—that’s why there’s more THC in Binoids’s THC-O vapes. And their HCC products are always made in certified facilities.

With Binoid, you get the total package: fair prices, excellent products, out-of-this-world mind, and body effects. This is a company that has mastered the hemp plant and continues to strive for a total understanding of its compounds.

A company that will never stop improving? That’s our kind of shop.

Make sure to check out Binoid’s THC-O, Delta-10, and HHC products and use our code MENSJOURNAL20 for 20% off your order today!

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