The 2012 Ultimate Athlete: the Winners [VIDEO]

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If you weren’t at the 2012 Men’s Fitness Ultimate Athlete event in Las Vegas, Nevada, during Olympia, you sure missed a good show. To learn more about the event’s challenges, check out the overview >>>

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On to the winners…

First Place / 2012 Ultimate Athlete: D’Juan Woods

Woods, 28, was a former NFL wide receiver for two years with the Jacksonville Jaguars before signing with the New Orleans Saints. Standing over six feet with broad shoulders and a wide back, Woods blasted through the entire event weekend with an intense level of focus and determination – he clearly came to win. [We noticed D’Juan, before his last run, performing heavy breathing techniques in an effort to dial in his focus and stay calm.] Woods displayed an incredible level of talent and strength with lights-out performances in the workout circuit and football challenges. He also delivered solid scores in baseball and basketball.

Hang tight for a one-on-one interview with D’Juan about NFL football career, how he got involved in Ultimate Athlete and what his training was leading up to the event…

Second Place: Kyle Clarke

The former Army captain was a heavy favorite coming into the Ultimate Athlete. Clarke had been training for months leading up to the event as he was one of our bloggers who shared his prep routines. The team MRI athlete also signed up with dad Dale – who, at 63 schooled competitors half his age. Kyle was your all-around athlete: balanced, sharp, methodical and on-point across all events. The guy also looks the the part of an Ultimate Athlete.

Third Place: Richard Scott Jensen

Jensen was another guy who put on a great show and really impressed us. A very soft spoken guy that kept to himself, but brought an admirable level of focus and balanced athleticism. Stone-serious Jensen did what he had to and gave it his all, both days. An absolute solid performer in baseball, basketball and the workout circuit. He threw some serious gas (and accuracy) in the baseball challenge!




Full Leaderboard:

1) D’Juan Woods – 75
2) Kyle Clarke – 72
3) Richard Scott Jensen – 70
4) Johnathan Kolowich – 66
5) Jordan Van Hoosier – 66
6) Justin S Harmon – 66
7) Christian Gonzalez – 65
8) Jason Christopher Rice – 63
9) Cammon Hall – 61
10) Michael Waters – 61

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Video Producer: Mike Simone

Video Editor: Nate Millado

On-Camera Hosts: Lauren Abraham and Kendall Wood

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