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The 3 Moves You Need for a Bulletproof Core

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When you think of your core muscles — the muscles spanning between your hips and shoulders, especially your abdominals, and spinal erectors — you probably think six-pack abs. But, and we hope this isn’t a surprise, your core is what keeps you from twisting yourself into injury.

If you’re sitting there thinking that you don’t twist much throughout the day, that’s where you’re wrong. Every time you take a step, your body shifts and wants to twist toward the leg you’re stepping with. It’s your core muscles that prevent this potentially unsafe action from taking place, and it’s anti-rotational exercises that help develop this type of stability-enhancing core strength.

“Simply put, anti-rotational exercises are designed to help you increase your overall stability and prevent unsafe changes in direction,” says Dr. Brian Brabham, certified strength coach and associate professor of exercise and sport science at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. “They also have the ability to increase overall strength due to the increase in core stability.” Or as Lebron James said in a recent Instagram post, “No core no nothing.”

Starting an Anti-Rotation Core Program

Chances are, you’re already doing a few anti-rotation exercises, and you may not even know it. “Many exercises have the ability to become anti-rotational by simply standing on one foot,” Brabham says. Here are the best exercises Brabham suggests adding to your next routine.