The 5 Best Electric Bikes To Get For Yourself Or As A Gift

Electric Bikes

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There is something truly special about the Fall. Going outside and taking in the fresh air just feels better than doing it in any other season. It’s not too warm and it’s not too cold. It’s just right for you to be out there and enjoy the grace and majesty of mother nature.

Now, you can take in the outdoors in whatever way you like. You can take a little stroll and get a fresh perspective on your neighborhood. There’s the option of going for a run to get your body in better shape. Or, you can get yourself up on a bicycle to go further and faster while enjoying the sights.

Having a bike in your life can make things a whole lot easier for you. It’ll get you where you want to be quicker than a walk. You can save money on gas and car-related bills by using a bike instead if possible. And it’s just a lot better for your health in so many different ways.

By riding a bike, you can do a whole lot of work on your body. Your stamina will increase and thus your core strength will increase. Lower body strength will increase as well. Blood flow will be better and your lungs/heart will end up much stronger with a rigorous bike-related workout routine in your life.

You may not want to use the bike for workout purposes all the time. Maybe you aren’t even using it for that very reason. It’s a nice benefit, but not the prime focus. You want something that will get you where you got to go with no hassles. There are a lot of bikes out there, but one is primed in this specific way.

For those of you guys that want a bicycle that will get you somewhere with a greater sense of ease, then you want to pick up an Electric Bike. These are bikes that give you a little bit of assistance on the road there. Assistance in the form of taking a lot of the pressure off of you to peddle as hard as possible.

Maybe the biggest benefit of Electric Bikes is that they are made with a pedal assist function. That means that the bike itself gives the pedal a little kick so you don’t have to put so much effort into it. Having that on means less work for you and less stress on your joints.

Depending on the Electric Bike, the power of the assistance can even get you over a pretty steep incline. That way your bike riding is really all about the joy of being outdoors. Anyone of any age is able to take advantage of the joys present in bike riding with an Electric Bike.

Anoher added benefit of Electric Bikes is that they are lightweight and very convenient to have in the home. Some of them are even made to be folded up, saving you even more space if space is a concern of yours.

Yet another benefit of Electric Bikes is that they look pretty good. This isn’t the case of some new-fangled tech making a bike look all boxy and unappealing. No, these things look exactly like bikes. And there are so many options out there that you can pick and choose what bike looks best for you.

Even better is that it isn’t all too hard to get yourself an electric bike. They are everywhere and since biking has become a big business, your options are pretty bountiful. Especially in 2020 when you need any excuse to go outside and get fresh air away from people, an Electric Bike is a good thing to have in the home.

Having such a bountiful selection of Electric Bikes for you to choose from can make it hard to make a choice. You can spend way too much time looking through all of them. Nobody wants to spend all that time looking for the right bike. So we have done you guys a service and picked out some amazing Electric Bikes for ya.

It should come as no surprise that Amazon has a deep bench of Electric Bikes in stock. So we went through that selection and picked out 5 of the Best Electric Bikes for you to choose from. One of them stands out as the best of the bunch though. And that is the SUPER73-RX Mojave E-Bike.

What makes the SUPER73-RX Mojave E-Bike the best in our eyes? For our money, the best of anything has to be one that is balanced. It has to be priced right, has to be comfortable, durable, and efficient. This bike has all of that in spades and does all of that really well. This is why it is the best of the Electric Bikes.

Now, we are quite aware that everyone is different. So while we may think the SUPER73-RX Mojave E-Bike is the best of the bunch, it may not be the one for you. So we have picked 4 other options. Depending on what you want, you can find one here. The choices are ranked as following: BEST OVERALL, MOST CONVENIENT, BEST HIGH GEAR BIKE, BEST LOOKING, and BEST VALUE.

Whatever your needs are, we are positive that you will find one in that selection above. All you need to do is scroll down and see a brief writeup for each of these Electric Bikes. So if you want an Electric Bike, check out the choices we made below and pick one that is best for you.


Best Overall

ECOTRIC Electric Bike

As we said above, we feel like this is the best overall Electric Bike because it has the best balance overall. The price may not seem like the best at first glance. But when you take into account what it does and how well it does it, you come to understand what a good price this is. A good bike is not something that will come cheap. For one, this is a bike that is best with a really thick set of wheels. That way you can use it at any time during any weather condition without worrying about them bursting on you. The gear shifting is pretty great too, as it is a 7 gear set up. That way you can get up the workout you feel is best for you. The battery within it is pretty strong, lasting on a full charge for a good long while as it gets you up to 20 MPH. And it just looks really good too. So for this price, we think you get the best balance overall.

Get It: Pick up the SUPER73-RX Mojave E-Bike ($3,695) at Super73

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Most Convenient

SWAGTRON EB5 Series Folding Ebike

For a lot of people, convenience is the biggest key when it comes to looking at Electric Bikes. Most Electric Bikes are very convenient in general, as the battery-powered assistance is all about taking the stress out of the bike riding process. And this one does it very well. The battery is nice and strong, giving you a good kick on a ride around the neighborhood or to work. But with this bike, convenience also comes into play with the fact that it can be folded up. So if you don’t want to take up too much space in the home or you don’t have much space in your apartment, this is the bike for you.

Get It: Pick up the SWAGTRON EB5 Series Folding Ebike ($500) at Amazon

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Best High Gear Bike

Macwheel 26" Electric Bike

Convenience is key when it comes to the Electric Bike game. The battery-powered assistance is all about making life easier for you. But it is still a bike and you may want to use it to get a really hearty workout in. Build up your body while you enjoy some fresh air. So you will want a bike like this one. That’s because it has 7 speeds to choose from. You can shift into a harder gear to get a harder workout in. And when you don’t need to do all of that, you can downshift into something more relaxed and let the battery take over. So for you guys that want to have the choice between working out and hanging out, this is the bike for you.

Get It: Pick up the Macwheel 26″ Electric Bike ($790) at Amazon

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Best Looking

Ancheer 26 inch Electric Bike

When it comes to bikes, you need to value function over everything else. A good looking bike can also be a big ole piece of nothing out on the road. But if you can find a bike that is highly efficient while also looking really good, then you should probably jump on that. There’s no reason to not look good when you go out there and ride that bike. And you’ll look pretty damn good in our eyes with this bike under your butt. This has the look of a classic bike that you might see burning down the pavement with someone who bikes for a living. All the good stuff you want from an electric bike is here. But man does it just look better than the vast majority of them.

Get It: Pick up the Ancheer 26 inch Electric Bike ($600) at Amazon

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Best Value

ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike

A lot of people out there looking for an electric bike may not be using it for any workout purposes. They may just be using it for the convenience aspect. Getting to work a little faster and cutting out cars from their life. Just streamlining everything. For those people, spending a ton of money seems out of the question. You wanna keep it simple. And this bike is very simple. You will get a smooth and easy ride out of it. All the while you won’t have spent all that much money picking it up. For anyone on a budget and/or looking for something that gets you where you need to go without too much stress on the body, this is a pretty great bike to add to your life.

Get It: Pick up the ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike ($450) at Amazon

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