The 5 Best Foam Rollers For The Athletic Man

Best Foam Rollers

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It seems like the New Year just got started yesterday. But before we knew it, the end of the month is almost upon us already. 2020 went by in a flash and it seems like 2021 will do the same. Which means we are getting to that point where we will see if people’s resolutions will stick or not.

Every year, people like to make resolutions. It’s a noble attempt to try to make the next year better than the one we just lived through. There are all sorts of resolutions people can make. But by far the most popular of all the resolutions is the one to get into better shape, be it through working out and/or eating better.

No matter what the resolution you make, it is very hard to make changes in one’s life. Whether we realize it or not, we are creatures of habit. And the easiest habits to make are the ones that aren’t the healthiest ones in the world. The hardest habits to keep because of the work they demand are the healthiest ones.

There’s a reason they call exercising working out. Because it requires work. You need to put a lot of time and effort into it. If you’re not really taking it seriously, you’re just wasting time. That is why it is a common sight to see gyms packed to the gills at the beginning of the year and then slowly lose attendance by the end of January.

This is all because it can be hard to break those chains that we have made that bind us down. Especially now that we are in a world where going to the gym is not the safest thing in the world to do. All throughout 2020, people have had to make changes to their lives. Changes in this regard is having to get and stay in shape from home.

In one way, it has become easy to change up one of the unhealthy habits we tend to make. And that is the dietary aspect of life. Going out to eat is not the best idea. So home cooking has seen an explosion in the last year. It’s better to eat at home. Healthier ingredients and you can control the portions. That way you aren’t eating like a pig.

But in other ways, it has seen some difficulties in the working out department. Because you can certainly workout from home without gym equipment. There’s plenty of workouts to do so. Running, bike riding, pushups, etc., and so forth. But if you want to really see some impressive results, you are going to want to have a gym set up in your home.

Throughout the year, people have been building up their homes to workout in. All of which depends on each person’s needs and home size. You won’t get a bulky stationary bike if you live in a small apartment and you want to build upper body muscles. If you haven’t spent the last year slowly building up the home gym with a purchase here or there, now is the perfect time to do so.

No matter what you’re fitness goals are, you’re going to need help hitting those goals. Equipment is a big part of that. The drive to do so is another part. But a big part that tends to be overlooked is getting your body ready to workout. There’s a reason we used to stretch before gym class. You need to get the body nice and limber.

If your body isn’t ready to push it to the limits, you’ll see the limits a lot sooner than you’d want to. You need to get your body nice and limber. Otherwise, your gym day will be cut short. And no one wants to do that. We want to get going and start rolling. This is why if you want to get primed for a workout, you’ll want to get a foam roller.

A foam roller may not look like the most impressive thing in the world. If anything, it looks more like an accessory to be found in the bedroom in the pile of throw pillows. But in actuality, it is an amazingly effective piece of equipment. That is because when you use this, it will prime your muscles, getting them ready for the vigorous workout ahead.

Using a foam roller is pretty easy. All you need to do is roll it with some force across your muscles. The areas that you intend to work out. That way when you work out those areas, they’re nice and limber. Nothing too complicated here. You can even use them in workouts if you want. They’re an incredible item to have in the house.

Now, just because a foam roller may look like a simple piece of equipment, that doesn’t mean it’s something you can just buy without any thought. Any workout item you add to your home needs to be carefully considered. That’s especially true here. Because if you don’t get something up to snuff, you may be setting yourself up for failure.

When it comes to anything in regards to physical fitness, there are an uncountable number of options out there. So many options that it could break your brain trying to do research. We understand all too well. That’s why we are here to use our considerable knowledge to help you guys make the right choice and pick from the Best Foam Rollers out there.

The Best Foam Rollers is what we set out to find and that is what we have here for you guys. 5 truly remarkable pieces of equipment that will make everyone’s workout life a whole lot easier. And in our mind, one of them stands above the rest. That is the LuxFit Foam Roller. And it is best for a few reasons.

While looking for the Best Foam Rollers, we were looking at them with some criteria in mind. What makes them better than others. For one, you want to look at the price. You don’t want to spend too much on these items due to the simplicity of the design (although there is one listed that costs a bit of money for good reason).

You also want to look for something that is durable. The simplicity of the item can be deceptive. You don’t want to get something that isn’t up to snuff. Something that might break on you while using it, causing an injury. Even if they aren’t too expensive, you don’t want to keep buying them over and over again.

For those reasons, we find that the LuxFit Foam Roller is the best of the bunch. It was a tough competition here, but it pulled ahead. There’s a reason has it such a good standing over at Amazon. But we figured everyone has different tastes and the other 4 we picked out are pretty close to it in terms of effectiveness. So we listed them out below too.

We picked the 5 with different categories in mind. That way you guys can pick the best that works for you. And those categories are as follows: BEST OVERALL, BEST SMART ROLLER, BEST VALUE, MOST AFFORDABLE, and MOST DURABLE. Any of which are worthy of a purchase and will do great work in your home gym.

So if you guys out there are looking to make the most out of your workouts this year, you should check out the Best Foam Rollers below and make the choice that works best for you. Either way, you’ll see better results than you would have without it. And you’ll just feel better afterward.


LuxFit Foam Roller

As we said above, we feel like the LuxFit is the best of the bunch. Just looking at all the options and even the ones we selected below it made it clear to us. For one, the price is too good to pass up. This is by far the most affordable of the bunch. But like we said above, you still want it to be dependable and durable. Which this is. You will have no problems with this in your active life. This is just a great item to have in the house for your workout needs. It’ll last a while and it will deliver some top-notch muscle relaxation. You’ll get into the swing of things without a problem.

Get It: Pick up the LuxFit Foam Roller ($10) at Amazon

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Wave Roller

That’s right guys. There are smart Foam Rollers these days. Everything is getting a tech upgrade and this is one of them. And of the ones that exist, we find this one to be the most impressive. We said above there was one on this list that would cost a pretty penny but was worth it. This is the one. We say that because of the amazing design. The wave design allows for a remarkable sensation when using it, really getting deep in there. The smart connectivity is great too, adding an even greater sense of efficacy to the item. You can set up the power settings right from your phone for the best post/pre-workout session with this. That’s right, it comes with power settings so it can really get in there deep. It’s durable and dependable, so it will stay with you for a long time. You may be spending some cheddar picking this up, but it is more than worth it.

Get It: Pick up the Wave Roller ($149) at Theragun

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Amazon Basics Foam Roller

Very few of these are as affordable and dependant as the LuxFit. But if you aren’t maybe fond of that brand for some reason, there are plenty of other options out there. Case in point this amazing Foam Roller from Amazon Basics. This is wildly affordable. Just a few dollars more than the LuxFit. It’s just as durable, a well-made piece of equipment that is going to really get you fit and ready for a workout. The value of this bad boy for the price it comes at is too good to pass up. So if you feel like none have caught your eye so far, this one might be the one for you.

Get It: Pick up the Amazon Basics Foam Roller ($15) at Amazon

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Yes4All Foam Roller

As we said above, there aren’t many foam rollers that are as effective as the LuxFit for an equal or lower price. But there are items that are close. And none are closer than this Yes4All option. Because right now the great low price is even lower with the sale that is active right now. Just $1 off from the LuxFit. And it’s just as good at getting your muscles primed for the exercises ahead. This won’t break down on you, and it will feel great in your hand as you’re using it. So if you feel like taking advantage of a great deal on a great item, this is the product for you.

Get It: Pick up the Yes4All Foam Roller ($11; was $15) at Amazon

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TriggerPoint Foam Roller

Durability is always crucial when it comes to any exercise equipment. And that is very true when it comes to Foam Rollers. That’s why you’d want to pick up the TriggerPoint model for durability purposes. If you don’t want it to fall apart on your while you’re using it, then this won’t disappoint. Not to mention that great design gives it a good grip for you and allows for an amazing relaxation sensation while using it. The muscles will really open up when you use this. So if you’re ok with spending a little more money than the more affordable models, this won’t disappoint in any way.

Get It: Pick up the TriggerPoint Foam Roller ($26; was $35) at Amazon

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