The 5 Best HIIT Workout Equipment To Help You Get Shredded

Best HIIT Workout Equipment

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Working out is no easy thing. Sure, you may get into the routine and it becomes second nature. But if you’re doing it right, it’s hard. You gotta spend a lot of energy and work your body to the limit. Otherwise, you’re not actually getting any results when you hit the gym. It’s just a lot of sizzle with no steak. If you want results, you need to mean it. And that’s hard.

A big deal of the difficulty comes in the amount of time that needs to be spent on a workout. When you go to the gym or make use of the home gym setup you got, you need to spend a lot of time doing it. You can’t just spend 5 minutes on each machine and walk away without breaking a sweat. It takes time and energy, otherwise you’re just blowing hot air.

That is the usual thinking. But it doesn’t have to be the only way of doing things. There are ways around spending all day in the gym. You may not really have the lifestyle that allows you to spend all day in the gym. Your life balance may be thrown off. So you need to make do with the time you got. And when you start going the HIIT way, you will have a whole new avenue of options afforded to you.

What is HIIT? HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. Which basically boils down to you doing a heavy-hitting workout in a short amount of time with a really short break between sets. For example, you could do a quickly intense set of squats in a HIIT style. That way you’re burning the ever-loving hell out of the muscles in your legs. By doing that, you’ll be getting a greater sense of growth because of how hard you went at them.

There are a ton of benefits to using a HIIT regiment. One of the biggest is obviously the quicker time frame for a hard-hitting workout. You could do a whole routine in just 30 minutes if you know what you’re doing. By saving all that time in your days, you’re opening up a whole lot of new avenues for your life. Not to mention the energy that has to be spent to get results with this kind of workout will help you get a lot of rest.

Another big benefit to going with a HIIT routine is the number of calories being burned is a lot higher than in longer-lasting workouts. A study has even shown that the amount of calories burned is close to 30% higher than other workouts. That’s simply due to the fact you’re going a lot harder in a shorter period of time, getting your heart and your blood pumping. So it only makes sense it’ll lead to more fat being burnt.

An extension of the number of calories being burnt is that your metabolism shoots up and stays up for hours after a workout. So much so that studies have shown it does so more than regular jogging routines or weightlifting. That same study also shows that it helps the body shift to burning fat instead of carbs. Which will give you a ton of juice to keep going with your day. So you’re saving time in your day while you keep burning fat throughout the day.

It only stands to reason that with a HIIT routine, you’ll be losing a lot more weight. Which is pretty key if you want to get into better shape. And it’s done so in quicker time too, thanks to the long amounts of time in the day you’ll be burning fat. And with the intensity of these workouts, you’ll see a greater increase in muscle growth.

You’ll also see a nice increase in oxygen consumption. Which means your endurance will grow in a pretty big way. Your muscles need oxygen to work and to recover. So you can make a shift into a HIIT-based cardio routine to get improve your oxygen levels and to improve how your body responds to a workout. Again, this is a benefit you can’t sniff at.

Then there are the health benefits that come that aren’t based on workout results. While you may get better at lifting or running, some of the best results come from the decrease in blood sugar and blood pressure while making your heart grow stronger. Working out means making the whole body work better and this is a hell of a way to get the whole system going.

All of this sounds great. Doing HIIT may be the best thing for you, whether you don’t have a lot of time in the day or you do. And if it sounds like the game for you, then you need to gear up with the right gear. That’s where we come in to play. Because we have gone ahead and found 5 of the best HIIT workout equipment you can pick up and add to your home right now.

Looking at all the options, we picked out 5 great picks with a nice variety. You could pick up each item and have a nice little HIIT routine in your life. While all of them provide different results in equally impressive ways, we think there is one that is the BEST OVERALL of the bunch. And that is the VANWALK Resistance Bands Set.

Why do we think the VANWALK Resistance Bands Set is the best of the best? There’s a lot of reasons that we’ll get into below. But mainly it’s because it allows you to work out your entire body. With just this one little set in your life, you could basically get a whole gym workout in. And all in a pretty affordable package. Certainly cheaper than signing up for a gym.

All 5 items we picked as the Best HIIT Workout Equipment are great. That’s why we call them the best HIIT workout equipment you can pick up. And the categories for why we picked them are as follows: BEST OVERALL, BEST FOR ARMS, BEST FOR LOWER BODY, BEST FOR ARMS AND LEGS, and BEST KETTLEBELLS. Pick up one or pick up all and you’ll be good to go.

So if you’re looking to get going in the HIIT game, you need to pick up the best HIIT workout equipment that we laid out for you below. See some great increases in your physical well-being while saving a lot of time in the day. All with these incredibly affordable and effective pieces of equipment. Hard to argue with that.



VANWALK Resistance Bands Set

Like we said above, this is our pick for the best of the bunch when it comes to the best HIIT workout equipment. For one, it’s going to give you the option to work out your whole body with all the workouts you can do with it. It’s also great because of the convenience of it. It’s small and easy to store away when not using. It’s also easy to set up, either by using the bands on their own or hooking them up to a doorframe. And they are incredibly durable. So you won’t have to worry about them falling apart on you, especially since you need to go pretty hard to make a workout a HIIT workout. So for such an amazingly low price, you can get a whole HIIT routine set up in the house right now.

PROS: Affordable, effective, convenient, it’s the whole package

CONS: None

Get It: Pick up the VANWALK Resistance Bands Set ($22) at Amazon

Get it!



Amazon Basics Heavy Workout Battle Rope

If you want to get something that’ll let you get those arms nice and sculpted, you can’t go wrong with this battle rope. For one, it’s a heavy piece of equipment. Just simply using it will give your arms a little workout. But going at it with HIIT routines will set your arms ablaze. The handles will make it easy on your hands so you don’t get rope burn or anything like that. And the rope itself is well made, so you don’t gotta worry about it fraying. It may be a big honking piece of equipment that can really get in the way. But the results it provides will speak for themselves.

PROS: Strong and durable, providing your arms with an incredible workout

CONS: Big and lunky which can be hard to deal with at home

Get It: Pick up the Amazon Basics Heavy Workout Battle Rope ($59) at Amazon

Get it!



Under Armour Charged Assert 8 Running Shoe

Sometimes simplicity is the best way to go. And a good pair of runners will allow you to make for a strong HIIT routine that doesn’t need anything other than your will. Go for a run or do some squats. Whatever. And with these runners from UA to help keep your feet nice and protected, you will be able to go a lot longer and a lot harder. That’s because UA makes some of the best gear out there for those looking to sculpt their bodies. Sure, you may not necessarily need these shoes. But they will help out in a big way.

PROS: Durable and super supporting for any cardio workout

CONS: Maybe not necessary to purchase

Get It: Pick up the Under Armour Charged Assert 8 Running Shoe ($50; was $70) at Amazon

Get it!



Body Power 2 in 1 Under Door Parallel Bars

Now this is an incredible piece of HIIT workout equipment. It is simple and easy to use in the house and will give you the results you need. You just slide this under any door and you got a set of parallel bars to do some sick pushups or handstands and all that jazz. You can even use it to give you the perfect form to do sit-ups and workouts like that. All thanks to this elegant yet very effective piece of equipment. It may be a little more expensive than you would think for something like this. But oh well. Your HIIT routine won’t falter with this in your life.

PROS: Simple yet very effective for getting your arms and legs sculpted

CONS:  Kind of pricey considering what it is

Get It: Pick up the Body Power 2 in 1 Under Door Parallel Bars ($49) at Amazon

Get it!



BalanceFrom Wide Grip Kettlebell Exercise Fitness Weight Set

Kettlebells are great to have in any home gym. If you’re looking to build up muscles in your arms and chest region, these offer you more options than simple dumbbells. And you wouldn’t be wrong in picking up this Kettlebell set to add some much-needed dynamism to your HIIT workout routine. These are strong and durable and will give you the options you need to move up in weights when it’s time to shift. $80 may be a bit pricey for HIIT workouts/working out from home. But you don’t want to skimp on kettlebells. When you pick these up, you’ll see why we think these are among the Best HIIT Workout Equipment options.

PROS: These will give you a lot of options when it comes to working out your arms

CONS: $80 may be too much

Get It: Pick up the BalanceFrom Wide Grip Kettlebell Exercise Fitness Weight Set ($80) at Amazon

Get it!

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