The 5 Best Weighted Vests For The Athletic Man


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How are you guys holding up with your resolutions? By this time in the year, a lot of people are starting to show how dedicated they really are. If gyms were safe to be at right now, you’d start to see the crowds really start to diminish. They won’t be as packed to the gills as they were when the New Year was fresh.

It’s a hard task in any year to make a go of building up a better you. Most seem to think a New You in the New Year is strictly physical. But that’s not it at all. Going through such a rigorous change is not just physical. You need to get your mind right to really make it work. To stick with it and start to see some real results.

Any year the goal of making a New You would be hard. But this year it has brought on a whole slew of new challenges. Because the pandemic that rolled through 2020 is still active right now. And that means all those life changes in 2020 still stand now. Changes that will even affect your life trying to get into better shape.

Some areas of healthier living are actually easier now. You should be eating at home instead of going out to eat now. Learn how to become a really good chef so you can make meals at home. Meals at home tend to come with healthier ingredients and your portion control is better. So right off the bat, you’re eating healthier than last year.

But it’s in the real meat of the fitness plan that sees the big changes that need to be reckoned with. Because as we said above, gyms are no place to be right now. Which means you need to be doing any physical fitness regimen from home. Or around the home, if you want to go running or bike riding. It’s not the worst change in the world but it is a change you need to deal with.

Sure, you can do a lot of workouts without any equipment that’s found at the gym. Push-ups and situps and dips are just some of the few routines you can do without the need of a gym membership. But if you’re for real about making a New You, you want to see real results. And real results are a lot easier to come by with equipment in your home.

Having equipment in your home will make the results come easier for a reason. Not just because you have spent the money and they’re sitting right in front of you, taunting you to workout more. That’s part of it. But having equipment gives you the extra boost. It helps you workout the body in the way you need to do it. Properly, so the effort you spent isn’t all for naught.

Over the last year or so, people have been building up a nice little gym for themselves at home. All home gyms are going to look different, since everyone will have different goals and homes to deal with. But they at least have them. And if you haven’t been doing any of that in the months past, now is as good a time to start shopping.

There is one item that you can certainly pick up right now that will help out immensely during your workouts. And it’s not even a piece of workout equipment you’d find at the gym. It’s a piece of clothing. An accessory that will aid greatly in your workouts. That item would be a weighted vest.

Weighted vests are great for anyone looking to work out, but they are especially great for those of you without any equipment at home. Because the best time to be wearing a weighted vest is during a cardio session. So going for a run or bike ride around the neighborhood would see greater results with one of them on than without.

What makes a weighted vest so effective during a cardio workout? Well simply put, having all that extra weight on you means you’ll have to work harder during a workout. Which means your heart will start pumping more to get the body going. Studies show that you will perform at a rate double than what you normally do without a vest on.

Having a weighted vest on during a workout is great and all because of how simple it seems. You put it on and do your workout, letting the added weight make the workout more effective. But there are some cons to take into account. For example, wearing too heavy a vest can really do damage to your body. As could working out with bad form. It may seem simple but there still needs to be caution involved.

There should be no surprise to find out that there are a lot of options for weighted vests out there. It’s involved in physical fitness, so the possibilities are endless. You can look all day long, every day for an entire week, and not run out of choices. We know because we look for these things. And to help you guys out, we have done some wrangling.

After some looking around, we have found the 5 Best Weighted Vests available on Amazon. All 5 of these bad boys would make for a great addition to any athlete’s life, be they a rookie or a veteran. But there is one that stands above the pack in our eyes. For our money, the BEST OVERALL is the Aduro Weighted Vest.

There are a few reasons why we feel like the Aduro Weighted Vest is the best of the best. For one, the pricing is hard to beat. Pricing that doesn’t betray the effectiveness and durability of the item. It’ll last for a long time. You’ll also feel very comfortable in it, no matter which weight you pick. Any workout would benefit from having this involved.

Now, we understand that everyone is different and has different opinions on things. They may want something different. We get that and while we don’t see many reasons to avoid the Aduro Weighted Vest, we get you might want something else. That’s why we picked an additional 4 and have them fall under different categories for your workout needs.

The categories for the Best Weighted Vests are as follows: BEST OVERALL, RUNNER UP, MOST AFFORDABLE, BEST ADJUSTABLE VEST, and BEST HEAVYWEIGHT VEST. All 5 of these vests impress the hell out of us and we can be sure that they will impress any of you guys that pick them up.

So if you are feeling the need to add some weight to your workouts to see some better results, we suggest taking a look at the Best Weighted Vests we picked out for you below. Make the choice that’s right for you and see the results you’ve always wanted.



Aduro Weighted Vest

As we said above, the Aduro Weighted Vest is the best of the best for a reason. This is an incredibly durable vest. It’s strong and sturdy, so it won’t fall apart on you. Which is great, because nobody wants to deal with buying replacements over and over again. And that sturdiness doesn’t affect the pricing, because no matter the weight you choose the pricing is going to be hard to beat. You’ll also feel comfortable while wearing it. Well, as comfortable as you can be with a literal weight on your chest. The straps won’t dig in too deeply and you’ll be as mobile as you need to be. All of which makes this the fantastic piece of equipment you should add to your life to see better results.

Get It: Pick up the Aduro Weighted Vest ($50) at Amazon

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RUNMax Adjustable Weighted Vest

Maybe the Aduro doesn’t work for you. It’s fine, we get it. Everyone is different. You may not want to be locked into one weight when it comes to your vest. You may want to have an adjustable vest in your life. Something that’ll make it easier to move up when you think you’ve hit your peak with the current weight. That’s why you should probably pick up this RUNMax Adjustable Weighted Vest. It’s as sturdy and durable as you can hope for. The comfort level is pretty great, not getting in the way of your movements. But it’s the ability to switch out the weights to move up or down as to your hearts desire. That way you don’t have to buy another vest. It’s all done right here and you can’t go wrong with picking this one above the rest.

Get It: Pick up the RUNMax Adjustable Weighted Vest ($70) at Amazon

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Henkelion Weighted Vest

For some, you may have to take your budget into account. You want to workout to the best of your abilities with a weighted vest, but you can’t spend all the money in the world. That’s why you need to pick up this Henkelion Weighted Vest. No matter which weight option you choose, the pricing will be just right for you. And just because it’s affordable, that doesn’t mean it’s cheaply made. This is a strong and durable piece of work here. You’ll be wearing it for a good long while. The comfort is great too. This really is just a fantastic vest that is sure to make anyone on a budget a lot happier.

Get It: Pick up the Henkelion Weighted Vest ($33) at Amazon

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CAP Barbell Adjustable Vest

An adjustable vest is a pretty smart investment. They options it affords you can’t be oversold. Having one of them makes it easier to go up in weight without having to buy another vest. So if you’re looking to get a great adjustable vest that is going to handle your workouts with no problem, then the CAP Barbell Adjustable Vest isn’t the wrong avenue to take. This is a great vest for a rookie or a pro in the workout game. It’ll fit like a dream and aid in your workouts so well that you’ll be mad at yourself that you didn’t have one before.

Get It: Pick up the CAP Barbell Adjustable Vest ($43) at Amazon

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CROSS101 Weighted Vest

Now, maybe you’re no newbie to the workout game. You’ve been hitting the grindstone pretty hard and you are looking to add to your workout in a big way. You’re not looking for some lightweight vest that only throws 10 or 12 pounds at you. You want a big beefy vest to throw on. Something only the veterans can handle. Well you’re on luck as this CROSS101 Weighted Vest comes in high weight options. The lowest it goes at is 20 pounds. So if you’re looking to add some real weight to your workout and you know you can handle it, you can’t go wrong with this sturdy piece of work.

Get It: Pick up the CROSS101 Weighted Vest ($190) at Amazon

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