The 8-Week Fitness Transformassacre: PART II

The 8-Week Fitness Transformassacre: PART II

The Transformassacre is back! You probably remember Charlie Romano, our Sr. Marketing Manager and his 8-week bout with a new diet regimen and hardcore training program devised by trainer Dan Trink of Peak Performance NYC and TrinkFitness. This time around we’ve got a new victim, a new trainer, but the same exact level of intensity and expectations for success. Shaun Myers, is a Digital Sales Planner at,, and He will be paired with Rob Sulaver C.S.C.S , trainer at Peak Performance NYC and founder of for “The Transformassacre Part II”. Shuan’s mental grit will be tested as Rob will attempt to scrape off as much body fat and pack on as much lean muscle mass in just eight weeks.

*The Transformassacre was conceptualized, written, and produced by HUMANFITPROJECT in conjuction with Men’s Fitness.

Meet Shaun Myers

Digital Sales Planner, Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, Muscle & Fitness Hers and Flex magazines.

Current Vitals
Age: 24
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 153 lbs.
Body Fat: 19.4%

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Meet Rob Sulaver

Personal Trainer/Strength and Conditioning Specialist at Peak Performance NYC.

Trainer, writer, coach and fitness connoisseur Rob Sulaver owns and operates Bandana Training with equal parts smarts and smartassery. His training, nutrition and lifestyle advice is full of intelligence and humor—a welcomed marriage in an industry made up of all-too-serious scientists and model-turned-trainer-turned-bloggers. Rob’s smart, jocular approach to being a (self-proclaimed) dumb jock underscores what Bandana Training is all about—taking care of yourself is vitally important and virally amusing. For more info on Rob, check out





Shaun’s Dietary Guidelines

We all know that a buttoned-up, clean diet is what will fuel Shaun through his workouts, aid his recovery and play a major role in the compositional changes to his body. Rob Sulaver has prepared a list of “Foods Shaun Should Be Eating” to make grocery shopping, meal prep and cooking a must simpler experience for Shaun.

Foods Shaun Should Be Eating


Warning to Friends, Family, Colleagues and Acquaintances
Do not feed Shaun

Fast foods, fast foods, snacks, alcohol, soft drinks, candy, etc.

Omega-3 Eggs Skinless Poultry (Chicken, hen, turkey) Lean Beef (Sirloin, round, lean ground) Lean Pork (Tenderloin) Anything “gamey” (Venison, Elk, Bison, Antelope, Lions, Tigers and Bears) Full Fat Greek Yogurt Whey Protein (Post workout shakes only)

CARBOHYDRATES All vegetables except for potatoes or high starchy carbs 1-2 pieces of fruit per day

FATS H2O Coffee or Green tea with Stevia or Heavy Cream (no milk) “Shaun is going to eat 5-7 times per day. We’re going to eliminate startchy and sugary carbs outside his workout window, increase his protein and vegetables, make sure his fats are healthy and balanced, and get him started on a solid supplementation plan. He needs to stay away from alcohol, gluten, soy, and dairy, and never go longer than 4 hours without food,” Sulaver says. NEXT: THE TRAINING BLUEPRINT TO SUCCESS >>

Shaun’s Training Overview

Given Shaun’s ectomorphic body type (meaning it’s harder for him to put on size) much of the training will be focused on strength development and hypertrophy (muscle growth). Initially, to get Shaun acclimated to this training, he will go through a GPP phase with total body push/pull lifts. “The initial training will demand 3 sets of 10-12 reps with a controlled tempo. We’ll also finish the workouts with some metabolic work to make sure his energy systems are ready for the intensity we’re going to throw at ’em later in the month,” Sulaver says.

Shaun’s Training Schedule

Training Days: Two days at PEAK Performance // Two days at Shaun’s personal gym 

Week 1: General Physical Preparation – 3 x 10-12
Week 2: Hypertrophy – 3 x 8-10’s
Week 3: Strength/Hypertrophy – 4 x 6-8’s w/unilateral work to balance out asymmetries
Week 4: Strong Man Training
Week 5: Relative Strength – 5 x 5’s
Week 6: Terrible 3’s – Yugoslavian Body Comp Circuits
Week 7: Density Sets
Week 8: Wild Card – Rob’s Choice NEXT: THE EXPECTATIONS

Rob Sulaver’s Expectations for Shaun

At the Four-Week Mark Projected Weight: 152 lbs. Projected Fat Mass: 25.84 lbs. Projected Lean Mass: 126.16 lbs. Projected Body Fat: 17 %

At the Eight-Week Mark Projected Weight: 150 lbs. Projected Fat Mass: 22.5 lbs. Projected Lean Mass: 127.5 lbs. Projected Body Fat: 15 % You’ll be able to follow Shaun’s journey through photos and video each week at The 8-Week Fitness Transformassacre: PART II. And be sure to keep Shaun motivated with inspiring messages on our Facebook page and on Twitter.

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