The 8-Week Fitness Transformassacre

The 8-Week Fitness Transformassacre

Now that everyone’s finished cramming their fat faces full of holiday hog fat, no other time of year sees as much interest in fitness as this one. (We’ve missed you, by the way.) So, naturally, we’ve decided to take this unique opportunity to kill our Senior Marketing Manager, Charlie Romano. The murder weapon? Dan Trink (CSCS, CPT), Director of Personal Training Operations for Peak Performance, one of New York City’s top training facilities. We’re pairing the two for a hardcore, eight-week transformation or, as we call it, “Transformassacre.” Trink has devised a brutal, fully customized diet and training routine for Charlie designed to work off nearly 20 pounds of fat while building almost five pounds of muscle in just two months. You’ll be able to follow Charlie’s lightning progression in photos and video each week at The 8-Week Fitness Transformassacre. And be sure to keep Charlie going with inspiring messages on our Facebook page and on Twitter.

*The Transformassacre was conceptualized, written, and produced by HUMANFITPROJECT in conjuction with Men’s Fitness.

Meet Charlie Romano

Sr. Marketing Manager, Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, Muscle & Fitness Hers and Flex magazines.

Current Vitals
Age: 24
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 187.2 lbs.
Body Fat: 19.9%
Current Lifting Stats
Bench Press: 175 lbs. x 10 reps.
Squat: 80 lbs. x 10 reps.
Shoulder Press: 110 lbs. x 10 reps.
Deadlift: 150 lbs. x 10 reps.
Push-Ups: 42 reps to failure
Pull-Ups: 6 reps to failure

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Meet Dan Trink

Personal Trainer/Strength and Conditioning Specialist at Peak Performance NYC.

We scoured the city and consulted with every editor at Men’s Fitness to find the best possible match for Charlie. Trink of Peak Performance was the most strongly recommended. Expertise and credentials aside, Trink understands the challenges people face. “I used to be a creative director for an advertising agency and, even though I didn’t realize it at the time, I was fat,” he says. After losing 50 pounds in five months, Trink wanted to inspire others. “I read everything I could on weight training, fell in love with the weight room, realized what good nutrition was and started what is now a longstanding passion for strength, fitness and helping others transform their physiques,” he says.   NEXT: THE PLAN

Meet Charlie’s Diet

“The diet plan is critical to success—probably more so than the training,” says Trink. “And while training will be tough, it’s only a few hours per week. Nutrition is a 24/7 job. The diet protocol will be high protein, low carbohydrate and medium fat. This will give us the most opportunity to shed fat while retaining and adding muscle mass,” Trink says.

Please don’t feed Charlie.

Charlie will consume approximately five meals per day—Trink refers to them as “feeding opportunities”—roughly every three hours. “The first feeding must occur within 30 minutes of waking up. The last feeding should happen a minimum of two hours before bed.”


Acceptable Protein Sources Skinless poultry (chicken, hen, turkey) Lean beef (sirloin, round, lean ground) Lean pork (tenderloin) Any game meats (venison, elk, bison, antelope, boar, etc.) Full fat Greek yogurt Whey protein powder (post weight training only) Eggs (preferably Omega 3 eggs).

Acceptable Fat Sources Olive, coconut and fish oil Avocado Raw nuts Nut butters (100% all-natural only)

Carbohydrate Guidelines All vegetables are encouraged with the exception of potatoes. Other starchy veggies, such as root vegetables and squashes, are acceptable, but must be kept to a minimum. One to two pieces of fruit each day are acceptable in the beginning.

Beverage Guidelines Beverages may include one cup of coffee per day (one packet of Stevia sweetener is permitted, as is one tablespoon of heavy cream with no milk. All other beverage consumption should be water, with exception to the post-workout whey protein shake.  

The Training Regimen

Two total body workouts twice per week, alternating upper and lower body exercises. Two to three sets of 10 to 12 repetitions of each exercise will be performed. Exercises will primarily consist of big, multi-joint/compound movements. Rep speed and rest periods will be monitored and manipulated over the eight weeks. At the end of each workout, either a three-exercise strongman circuit or interval work will be performed.

A1) Lower Body A1) Lower Body
A2) Upper Body A2) Upper Body
B1) Lower Body B1) Lower Body
B2) Upper Body B2) Upper Body
C1) Strongman (Prowler, Sled, etc) C) Core
C2) Strongman (Prowler, Sled, etc) D) Interval Training
C3) Core  


Trink’s Expectations for Charlie

“Everyone does not react identically to any plan. Some progress slowly, some crush it out of the box. But these are my best guesses given my experience,” Trink says.

At the Four-Week Mark Projected Weight: 178.2 lbs. Projected Fat Mass Lost: 11 lbs. Projected Lean Mass Gained: 2 lbs. Projected Body Fat: 15-16%

At the Eight-Week Mark Projected Weight: 172.5 lbs. Projected Fat Mass Lost: 19 lbs. Projected Lean Mass Gained: 4.5 lbs. Projected Body Fat: 12-13% “These predictions are a bit optimistic,” admits Trink, “but we have a few things going for us, including his age and the social support he will be receiving.”

A Team Effort

“I’m probably more conscious about my diet and training than anyone else at the gym because, like you, I have to be,” Trink assures Charlie. “So when I tell you we’re in this together, it truly comes from a place of knowing the challenges of pulling off a remarkable body composition transformation. And, even though we have a short time, remarkable is what I’m shooting for.”

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