The All-Natural Super Sunscreen

Mj 618_348_all natural super sunscreen

A surf trip to an equatorial paradise really puts your “waterproof” sunscreen to the test. Following a month of surfing in Indonesia, we’re confident we’ve found the best. It’s made in Bali and not only comes in a recycled container, but is also all-natural and non-toxic. Not surprisingly, given its name, the ingredient list of Bali Chocolate Surfscreen by Surfyogis reads like a recipe for dessert: cacao butter, cocoa powder, virgin coconut oil, organic beeswax (and zinc oxide). It smells so delicious that you’ll almost want to eat it, and, according to the manufacturer, you can, though it obviously wasn’t designed for that purpose.

Don’t let the laid-back name or benign ingredients fool you; the stuff works unbelievably well. It’s completely waterproof and lasts all day, even when that day includes surfing perfect waves for eight hours at a stretch, as we tested. And it’s quite concentrated; since it’s meant mainly for your face, that small $20 tub will last for a year of heavy use (3-4 times a week). More like war paint than lotion, Bali Chocolate Surfscreen works best on your face due to its thickness, which seems cumbersome until you realize it ensures that the cream won’t run into your eyes and sting while you’re in the water or sweating. To be honest, the main problem we find with Bali Chocolate Surfscreen is removing it after a day of surfing. When you finally scrub it all off, you’ll find your skin underneath completely untouched by the sun’s harsh rays, much less the witches’ brew of harsh chemicals found in many sunscreens. [$20;]

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