The Alt-Snack Service


Our war against snacking was lost before it even began, and so our daily battle is to make the most of an inevitable situation. That means an endless search for a satiating food that also happens to be good for you (or, at the very least, not bad for you). Still, we want something convenient to carry and consume and ideally doesn’t cost much. (Besides, there’s only so much Pirate Booty one can eat.) We’ve recently discovered a hack that turns the odds in our favor: Boxtera, a healthy snack delivery service. Finally, the promise of the Internet age is fulfilled.

The process is straightforward and simple: Pick a plan ($35 for one month, up to $30 a month for annual membership, which includes free shipping), and each month, Boxtera delivers a recyclable package crammed with a selection of vetted snack samples. The service aims for organic, minimally processed, gluten-free, and vegan options – anything that’s wholesome and delicious. Each package has around 23 to 25 snack servings, so your pantry or cupboard will instantly abound with healthful alternatives to salty, fat-laden chips or empty-calorie sugared snacks.

We recently opened the leaf-printed packaging of a Boxtera box and discovered a striking array of edibles: Fuji apple chips; a pungent dehydrated kale mix; roasted pumpkin seeds; a more healthful peanut-butter chocolate bar; several types of crackling veggie chips; and the newest foodstuffs from heavy-hitters like Clif Bar. While we’ll confess that we weren’t able to make this cache of goodies last a full month, we like that it turned us on to a few products we’d happily buy on our own, like Real Deal’s Real! Veggie Chips, which have a mere 60mg of sodium versus the 160mg in a similarly sized bag of Doritos. [From $30 a month;]