The Bar and Kettlebell Fat Burn Workout

The Bar and Kettlebell Fat Burn Workout

Lets say you’re tired of traditional cardio, don’t want to worry about heart rate and are bored of throwing around traditional weights. Lets also say your diet is immaculate and finely tuned, but you’re looking for a fresh new way to get the blood flowing, heart pumping and fat melting. Believe it or not, 20 minutes, a pull-up bar and a kettlebell are all you need for a highly effective fat loss workout. We recently paid a visit to Mike Stehle of Training Room Online in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey to give his very own “Bar and Bell” workout a shot.

Kettlebell Weight Guide

Use a weight that is manageable and that you can perform perfect reps. Beginner: 14-16 kg Novice: 16-20 kg Advanced: 24-28 kg Extreme: 32 kg +

Workout Goal

SPEED:In 20 minutes, try to get as many rounds of these 4 movements as you can with out sacrificing form. Shoot for 10 rounds. Rest as needed. Training to muscular failure is one of the worst kettlebell training mistakes as it can result in injury.

The “Bar and Bell” Workout Protocol

Exercise One: 5 Dead Hang Pull Ups or Assisted Pull Ups Exercise Two: 5/5 Kettlebell Push Presses (5 reps on each shoulder) Exercise Three: 15 Kettlebell Swings Exercise Four: 20 Mountain Climbers on each leg

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