The Below-the-Belt Body Powder


If soap is the yardstick of civilization – as Tyler Durden, by way of Einstein, astutely noted – then we might say an anti-wetness powder is the measure of the civilized man.

Having humidity issues below the belt is not only one of manhood’s heaviest crosses to bear, it’s also the stepping stone for a host of unfriendly conditions: jock itch, chaffing, curious red rashes and, for many, acne or eczema outbreaks. For solutions, baby powder is, or should be, a non-starter (unless you like sharing the same scent as an infant wearing a fresh diaper). Gold Bond is a step up perhaps, and it works, but goes hard in the other direction as the official fragrance of octogenarians. Another option, somewhat punnily named Bálla Powder, does the job well, and comes in three versions that offer solace and the option of a pleasing fragrance to boot.

The Original Formula is lightly scented like a sweet, oaky, musk cologne, and is made of hypoallergenic ingredients. It’s sophisticated enough to act as your signature fragrance without being overbearing, and is light enough to be sprinkled on your chest, back, and anywhere else that gets unwanted wetness. The Tingle Formula has cooling peppermint oil to really turn on the AC (which for some may be distracting, to put it mildly). And then also the old school Fragrance-Free, for those who don’t want to risk a clash with aftershave, cologne, or a deodorant.

Each formula uses top quality Italian talc mixed with natural skin protectants like stearate and zinc oxide, which together make a long-lasting, antiseptic compound that’s both water-repellent and protects against acne as well as eczema. The combination is also embarrassment-free: The powder never clumps and is spreads with such ease that it is hardly detectible.

Past upgrading your anti-wetness powder program, a few other measures can help in the de-funkification process: Be sure your underwear is 100-percent cotton (which is absorbent); opt for looser-fitting and breathable pants over the sort of denim that could be mistaken for tights; and make sure you’re fully dried off from a shower before getting dressed. [$15 for 3.4 oz;]

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