The Benefits of Deep Breathing

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Nobody knows how to breathe more deeply than champion free-diver Stig Severinsen, whose yoga-inspired breathing techniques allow him to hold his breath for 22 minutes. That said, you don’t need to get anywhere near that to get benefits from better breathing. We asked Severinsen to share three ways that breathing can help lowers stress, improve athleticism, and heal what ails you.

Severinsen calls breathing an “accurate and honest barometer” of a person’s emotional state. Train your breathing to maintain your calm and lower stress levels.

Maximize Potential
The average person uses just 50 to 60 percent of his lung capacity. Breath training expands the lungs, and better oxygen intake means higher athletic performance.

Improve Health
Research suggests that developing proper breathing habits can play a role in treating conditions like asthma, acute bronchitis, ADHD, and sleep apnea.

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