The Best Fat-burning Boxing Workout to Get Strong and Lean

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Boxers are among the most well-conditioned athletes in the world because of the rigors of the sport and training regimen. Good thing is you don’t necessarily have to square up to a bruiser to get the physique of a fighter. You don’t even need much in the way of space or equipment.

Up for the challenge? Train like a boxer with this fat-burning bodyweight workout.




“Boxing is one of the few sports where making a specific weight to compete is mandatory,” says George Foreman III, professional boxer, trainer, and founder of EverybodyFights in NYC. “Because of this, it’s important to know how to adapt your program when necessary to sharpen your technique, build strength, or, in this case, lose weight.”

To torch maximum calories (and fat), you want to hit larger muscle groups with full-body exercises in short intervals.

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“The focus is on maintaining a high yet sustainable heart rate (~140-155),” Foreman adds. “This workout includes authentic boxing combinations and a range of full-body exercises that will allow you to keep your heart rate up while minimizing chance of injury.”

The Fat-burning Boxing Workout

Directions: Complete 5 rounds (if you’re advanced, do 10). Each round is 2:30 sec. long and structured as 20 sec. on, 10 sec. off). Alternate between exercise A & B twice per round, then complete the 30-second burn out. Rest 60 seconds between rounds if you’re a beginner and 30 seconds between rounds if you’re advanced. Want to ramp up the intensity? Use 1lb hand weights. Scroll down for exercise descriptions and how-tos.

Do some light stretches and jumping jacks, then get into a down dog position and press your heels toward the ground to open up your posterior chain. From here, move into the upward facing dog (Lie on the floor, belly-down, with the tops of your feet grounded. Place your palms on the floor around your midline, then press up, straightening your arms and pressing the tops of your feet into the floor to bring your thighs off the floor.) Then, holding your up dog position, pull your chin up, push your heels back, and slowly rotate your hips left and right, looking up as you do, to open up your rotational chain.

Hold each position for 5-7 seconds and repeat this sequence 5 times.

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Round 1 (2:30 sec.)

A: 1-2’s (Jab-Cross)

B: Bodyweight Squat

30-Second Burnout: Plank Jacks

Round 2 (2:30 sec.)

A: 1-2-3’s (Jab-Cross-Left Hook)

B: Reverse Lunges

30-Second Burnout: T-PushUps

Round 3 (2:30 sec.)

A: 1-2-3-6-5’s (Jab-Cross-Left Hook-Right Uppercut-Left Uppercut)

B: Squat to Lunge

30-Second Burnout: Bicycle Crunches

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Round 4 (2:30 sec.)

A: 6-5-2-3 (Right Uppercut-Left Uppercut-Right Cross-Left Hook)

B: Skater Lunges

30-Second Burnout: High-Knee Sprints

Round 5 (2:30 sec.)

A: 1-2-3-6-5-2-3’s (Jab-Cross-Left Hook-Right Uppercut-Left Uppercut-Right Cross-Left Hook)

B: Squat Thrust w/ Jump*

30-Second Burnout: Non-stop Jab-Cross combos

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Exercise Descriptions + How-tos:

If you’re using an orthodox stance (typical for right-handed boxers), stand with your left foot in front and jab with your left hand. If you’re using a southpaw stance (typical for left-handed boxers), stand with your right foot in front and jab with your right hand).

Jab: Position your fist directly in front of your lead shoulder with your elbow tucked, Foreman says. Extend your arm as though you’re shaking someone’s hand, then twist your elbow while turning your palm down at the last second upon impact.

Right Cross (orthodox stance): “Start in your boxing stance with fists tight,” Foreman instructs. “Rotate your right hip forward as you spin your rear foot until the heel comes off the ground.” At the same time, extend your right arm, rotating your palm toward the ground upon impact. Snatch the punch back to the starting position faster than you threw it. Reverse the stance and movement if you’re southpaw.

Left Hook: “Begin by rotating your right hip forward, then pull it back as you drive your right heel into the ground and slightly pivot onto your left foot,” Foreman says. “As you do so, turn your left fist to the side as if you were holding a coffee mug and swing about 3 inches in front of your nose.” Snatch your left hand back into the start position by drawing your elbow back to your hip.

Right Uppercut: Keep your knees bent as you rotate your rear (right) hip forward, pivoting your right foot. “The uppercut is delivered in a slight upward motion while twisting your palm so it’s facing up (you) upon impact,” Foreman says. Snatch your elbow and hand back into position once the punch is complete.

*Squat Thrust w/ Jump: Start in a high plank position. Pike your hips up and jump your legs in toward the outside of your hands. Next, drive through your heels and squeeze your butt as you explosively perform a squat jump. Land softly back into your squat, keeping your back flat. Bring your hands to the floor and jump your feet back into a high plank being careful not to over-extend, letting your hips sink or back dip.

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