The Best Gym Bags for the Active Man

Plus63 Giant Kong Duffel
King Kong Apparel

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Going to the gym is one of the highlights of the day. It’s a way to get out of the office or the house to work up a sweat. Get that body moving so it can end up in better shape than it was the day before. Whether you’re lifting weights or hitting the treadmill or playing some pickup basketball, the gym is quite the place to be.

The only thing about going to the gym is having to store all your gear when you’re working out. You gotta change into workout clothes and you’re not gonna want to carry your keys and wallet and such while you go for it. No, you need to make sure all your stuff is safe but out of the way. And that’s why you need a gym bag.

Having a good gym bag will make those trips to the gym a lot more convenient for you guys. Especially if you get one that is spacious enough for your needs and durable enough to handle the rigors of being used all the time. Filling em up with gear and dropping them on the floor all the time can really take it out of them.

Only real problem is finding the right one for yourself. There are so many options for the active man for everything, that it’s no surprise the selection is boundless when it comes to gym bags. This is why we have gone ahead and made it easier for you guys and picked out some of what we consider the best gym bags.

When you scroll on down, you will see the options we picked for you guys. And each option was picked for a certain reason. That way you can be sure there’s at least one gym bag in there for your needs. Each one is a certified winner and you won’t regret having any of these in your life.


Best Large Gym Bag: Plus63 Giant Kong Duffel

Plus63 Giant Kong Duffel
King Kong Apparel

If you want the biggest duffel bag you can find that’s also incredibly durable, then you need to look no further because this Plus63 option from King Kong Apparel is a beast of a bag. So much space that you might end up not knowing what to do with it all. There are so many pockets and compartments that you won’t have any issue being organized with all your stuff. And the bag is made with the kind of toughness that’ll make it seemingly impossible to destroy by accident. You can hit the gym with everything you got if you want. That’s how spacious this big bag is.

Get It: Pick up the Plus63 Giant Kong Duffel ($190) at King Kong Apparel

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Best Backpack For The Gym: Core25 Backpack

Core25 Backpack
King Kong Apparel

If you prefer to go to the gym with a backpack instead of a duffel bag, King Kong Apparel has you covered. Because you can get this bag for your gym-going needs. A lot of space in here to give you all the coverage you need to keep your gear safe. So much space that you can use it for other trips out of the house too, keeping your laptop safe for any trips to the office. And it’s so well made and durable that your gear will be quite safe when they’re in this bag. With straps that won’t dig into the shoulders, you can bring this around with you all day with no issues to speak of. Quite the backpack in our minds.

Get It: Pick up the Core25 Backpack ($150) at King Kong Apparel

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Best Durability: Edge45 Duffel

Edge45 Duffel
King Kong Apparel

For a good-sized duffel bag with a lot of durabilities to it, King Kong Apparel has the bag for you. This Edge45 model is a simple and sleek duffel bag that has a good amount of space for your regular gym-going needs. Nothing too extraordinary, it’s basically a regular-sized bag. But the compartments and pockets make it stand out from other options. And it’s that high level of craft from King Kong that makes this such a winner. If you’re looking for a good ole normal-sized bag for your gym-going needs, look no further.

Get It: Pick up the Edge45 Duffel ($170) at King Kong Apparel

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Best Midrange Gym Bag: UA Undeniable 5.0 MD Duffle Bag

UA Undeniable 5.0 MD Duffle Bag
Under Armour

If you don’t want to spend all that much money on a gym bag, then you don’t need to. That’s because Under Armour has the kind of gym bag that should have enough space for your clothes and other accouterments that you bring to the gym. It’s got a good deal of durability, as UA knows how to make the kinda gear men want to use at the gym. But it’s the pricing that makes this really appealing. For under $50, you can get this winner from UA to keep those trips to the gym as convenient as possible.

Get It: Pick up the UA Undeniable 5.0 MD Duffle Bag ($45) at Under Armour

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Best Lightweight Gym Bag: adidas Defender 4 Small Duffel Bag

adidas Defender 4 Small Duffel Bag

For those of you out there that don’t bring the largest collection of gear to the gym, you don’t need the biggest bag in the world. You want something like this number from adidas. A duffel bag that’s got enough space to satisfy your low-key needs while providing enough durability to make sure you don’t end up with a bag that can’t carry your gear anymore. If simple is what you’re looking for then look no further. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a simple bag as effective as this one.

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