The Best Tool for Bigger Arms and a Stronger Grip


Gripz, more or less two pieces of plastic you wrap around your barbell or
dumbbell, aren’t some high-tech gadget to make you strong. The concept is
extremely simple: They make the bar thicker, meaning your grip is put through
the gauntlet with every lift — and in doing so, work the crap out of your arms and hands.

Grip strength is applicable in every sport and in everyday life. By incorporating Fat Gripz into your training, you’re less likely to fatigue your hands during deadlifts, you’ll dominate a farmer’s walk with grocery bags, and it’s always nice to know you have a vice grip for a handshake. I typically incorporate two or three dedicated grip exercises into my workouts — or I’ll kill two birds with one stone and throw the Fat Gripz on a bar when I’m pushing and pulling some weight. Your fingers, hands, and forearms will thank you — once you can actually feel them again. [$38.95;]

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