How to Massage Your Back With a Lacrosse Ball

Lacrosse players competing for the ball
Lacrosse players competing for the ball Image Source / Getty Images

You’re well-acquainted with the foam roller, but there’s a myofascial release tool that true back relief aficionados always have on hand: a lacrosse ball. You can use it to relieve the muscles along your spine, but it’s also great for your shoulders, obliques, and the iliac crest, a tendon that wraps from your back to your front hip.

For shoulder relief, stand facing a wall and position the ball in the soft part under the collarbone, next to the shoulder socket.

Press the ball against the wall and make circles for a few minutes on each side. To hit the iliac tendon, lie facedown on the floor, knee bent, and place the ball in the inner part of your thigh, at the top; roll it around until you feel a release.