The Breakdancer’s Ab Workout

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French breakdancer Pierre Bleriot knows a thing or two about core strength: His job requires that he perform precise, gravity-defying moves while in complete unison with seven other men. The crew’s latest tour, Red Bull Flying Bach, combines the classical sounds of piano and harpsichord with electronic beats and urban dance. In order to stay in shape for the tour, Bleriot lives up to his nickname, “The Punisher,” with strenuous and varied workouts. Here’s one of his favorite ab routines, an old-school Bruce Lee exercise dubbed the Dragon Flag.

1. Warm Up
Bleriot does 50 backflips to start every workout. You can probably just stretch.

2. Lie Flat
To begin, position yourself lying face-up on a flat bench or decline and grab the edge of it behind your head with both hands.

3. Get Vertical
While keeping your shoulder blades firmly planted on the bench, steadily raise your legs and midsection until you’re almost vertical. Tighten your core and keep your body as straight as possible – don’t bend your hips.

4. Stay in Control
As slowly as possible, lower your body until your legs are directly above the bench. Lift your legs back up in the air again to complete a rep. (Bleriot does 50 and rests for 15 seconds between each). You can vary your leg positioning to create alternate areas of focus.

5. Cool Down
During the summer, Bleriot seeks out local rivers after intense workouts – the cold water helps him recover.

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