The Complete Guide to Getting Fitter Faster

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The ultimate workout is the one you actually do. It’s the routine that is so simple, fast, and efficient that excuses to skip it never occur to you. Such workouts do exist — thanks to what we like to think of as gym minimalism, an approach to fitness that strips away unnecessary, body-fatiguing work and taps old-school exercises and research-proven set-and-rep schemes to get the fastest results.

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We went to the masters of minimalist training and leading exercise researchers to design the three routines here.

Each can be done in 40 minutes or less, and each was created for a specific goal: speed, strength, or weight loss.

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Gym minimalism takes getting used to. You’ll have to forget what you think you need and trust quality over quantity. Your workout will consist of only a few exercises. But they’ll be multifunctional movements that train major muscle groups, particularly your core — think squats, dead lifts, kettlebell swings, rowing. Because the routines are powerful and quick, executing them with perfect form is essential for effectiveness and safety.

Do so and we guarantee they will change your body more than an hour’s worth of superfluous isolation moves, such as bicep curls and crunches, or mind-numbing cardio.

For maximum improvement, choose one routine and go all-in. This way you spend fewer hours training, see quicker gains, and realize that less isn’t just more — it’s way more.

1. Get Fast: The Speed Workout

2. Get Strong: The Strength Workout 

3. Get Lean: The Weight-Loss Workout

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