‘The Daily Show’ Skewers the Glorification of the “Dad Bod”

Since last week’s worship of the paunch-bellied look went viral, we’ve weighed in on why men shouldn’t settle for the “dad bod,” and offered ways to flat-out avoid it, should you have any interest in joining an obstacle race, dominating a pick-up basketball game, feeling good out-swimming your kids, or looking in a mirror. But on Tuesday night’s The Daily Show, “Senior Women’s Issues Correspondent” Kristen Schaal offered a different perspective. Schaal skewers the carousel of network anchors applauding the acceptance of the dad bod, yucking it up about the state of their own bods — all while sitting next to their much fitter female counterparts. “They’re all having a really good belly laugh,” Schall exclaims. “Well, the guys are. If a woman had a belly they would not let her on that show.” We laughed right along with Schall, when we weren’t cringing about the double-standard, that is.

She then convinced John Stewart to celebrate his dad bod with a little dance for the audience. “You’ve earned it with — all that not working out and focusing on things besides your body.”

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