The Double-Duty Aftershave


Cutting down on bathroom clutter is a noble undertaking, but when that tidying is combined with upgrading your skincare routine, then it just becomes smart. And that’s the grand adjective we’re using to talk about the new LAB Series All-in-One Face Treatment.

The concoction – a fast-absorbing, non-greasy thin white cream – is formulated as a one-stop, everyday-use product for men. It’s an aftershave, moisturizer, and wrinkle-reducer, and it’s made with some top quality ingredients. Inside, you’ll find the antioxidant powers of grape seed extract to calm skin and moisturize, the astringent qualities of rosemary extract to clean, tone, and tighten, and pomegranate juice to fight wrinkles deeply. Use it morning and night to moisturize and help pound out some of those onset wrinkles, or dab it on after shaving. You can do one, the other, or both – your call. Either way, despite all the buffing up, the lotion is matte, meaning it won’t make your face shine like a car…or a woman. Thank you, LAB Series, for knowing that men don’t like glossy skin.

Now, you may be thinking, “Can’t I just use my regular aftershave and a moisturizer?” or “Why can’t I just use my moisturizer as an aftershave?” A totally valid thought, especially given that guys survived perfectly well without special creams before the current man-centric grooming product boom took off. And the answer is, well, of course, you can do whatever you’d like. That said, aftershaves are usually made with alcohol, which will dry your skin out. Also, they’re only crafted with the intent of calming immediate skin irritations, and only stay active for a short amount of time. Moisturizers, on the other hand, generally don’t have the soothing and antibacterial brawn that prevents unwanted bumps and burn.

LAB Series isn’t the first to proffer a one-cream solution to guys (Clinique has M Lotion and Kiehl’s has the Ultimate Men’s After Shave Balm), but the PRO LS All-in-One Face Treatment is the least greasy and glossy of the bunch and – cool bonus – it comes in a travel-appropriate, quarter-roll-sized tube that you can put in your carry-on without alarming the TSA. [$29 for 1.7 oz;]

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