The Eco-Friendly Energy Bar


At this point, we don’t need to bother reading the label of a Clif Bar, as a mere glance suffices to instantly know its flavor – the color of the mountains tells it all. Sky blue means a dense chocolate chip; burgundy a sharp black cherry almond; yellow is a sweet carrot cake, and so on. Recently, though, we were startled by the appearance of an army green interloper in the Clif Bar rack that didn’t register the usual synaesthetic response. Turns out the newest addition to the Clif Bar club is dubbed Sierra Trail Mix, and its crunchy texture is accompanied by an equally crunchy ethos. 

For the past 10 years Clif Bar’s makers have made it a priority to include organic ingredients in their products as much as possible. The company’s new bar is a big step up at 70 percent organic, and the first of its kind to be made with sustainably grown cocoa from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms (as such, it carries the recognizable little green frog on its new packaging to prove it). It’s a great step forward in the move toward ethical production, one we hope will be embraced industry wide. 

Ethics aside, the new flavor continues the brand’s winning streak, with a chewy blend of salty and sweet that provides a nice energy booster on the go. Knowing that it’s sustainably produced may be extra enticement for some to grab this flavor first, or at least until we start seeing Clif Bar’s other flavors made with sustainable cocoa, slated to appear in the coming months. [$1.40;].