The Express Exfoliator


Blasting anything off of your face probably isn’t the best idea – just to be clear, but here’s a top-quality product that effectively and quickly destroys stubborn grime. M-61 Lab Face Blast is an enriched, multi-purpose exfoliator, which in more practical terms means it’s a gentle two-minute face wash/mask that removes dead skin cells, hydrates, firms, brightens, and fortifies skin…and can be used to shave.

It does this by harnessing the power of a few vitamins and nutrients. Mainly vitamin C, which brightens by absorbing lingering dead skin cells and strengthens your skin’s remaining cells to maximum strength against environmental enemies like the sun, air pollution, and your swimming pool. Vitamin B5 hydrates, seaweed firms, and aloe vera and vitamin E soothe just enough to make this a fairly decent shave cream, if applied on wet skin, to remove a day’s worth of stubble (though probably not anything that’s closer to a beard).

Slathering on about five to six pumps of the white, citrus-scented cream in the shower is all you need for a quick treatment, but it’s also made to be applied as an even more effective two-minute express mask to your dry skin (you’ll also feel more of the tingle and foaming if you do it that way).

The benefits of exfoliating are numerous. Aside from making your skin look generally more alive and youthful, it enhances the penetration into your skin of other products like anti-agers, and moisturizers. This is particularly important for men, who tend to have oily skin, and thus more built-up residue that a regular face wash will miss. That said, you should not exfoliate every day – you’ll lose too much of your skin’s outer layer, which is just as unhealthy as all the dirt. Keep the treatment to once a week; twice a week, at most, if you live in a city and are exposed to a lot of pollution. If you have extremely sensitive skin, it’s best to consult with your dermatologist before undertaking any exfoliating regimen. [$50 for 3.4 oz;]

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