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Gleamin Face Mask

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No, this article isn’t about respiratory masks and the coronavirus. We’re actually here to talk about your skincare. While many people might consider face masks to be something made just for women, we found one brand working to fight that stigma.

The Gleamin Vitamin C face mask is built on a simple idea: that everyone can achieve a bare-faced glow. To them, your color or gender doesn’t matter. Skin is simply skin. They’ve worked to build a product unlike any other, harnessing natural ingredients like yellow clay and aloe vera to bolster the health of the skin. The Gleamin face mask leaves you feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and renewed: something you have to experience to understand why you need it.

When you first hear about Gleamin, you might be skeptical about their product, but you’re probably also curious about the benefits that natural superfoods have on the skin. Their product has received acclaim from conventional beauty magazines and is popular among users, but is something featured in Vogue really for men? As it turns out, it is. Gleamin is the real deal, and you haven’t felt a healthy face until you’ve tried it.


How a Regular Guy Overcame Rosacea and Founded a Skincare Product

Surprisingly, Gleamin was built by a guy not completely unlike all of us. Jordan Smyth was born in Christchurch, New Zealand, and is an athletic man with trim, dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Since childhood, he had been battling with rosacea, which causes extreme redness in the face and sometimes even bumps. During his time in high school, he found himself subject to comments and harassment about it and soon began to research solutions to this problem.

One major problem he encountered was that there simply weren’t products designed for men like us. Most facial skincare products all looked like they were for women, and, to make matters worse, it often felt like he couldn’t trust what he was looking at. So many product presentations were fabricated, and when he looked at products, he often had no clue what the actual ingredients were.

Jordan wasn’t defeated by this. Instead, he kept researching and found that aloe vera has strong anti-inflammatory properties and is a clean, natural ingredient. From founding Gleamin, he spent two years working to combine some of the richest sources of vitamin C from around the globe. The result is a mixture of turmeric & aloe vera that provides glow to the skin, detoxifying clay to purify it, and several other natural ingredients that infuse the skin with vitamins and minerals.


How Jordan Smyth Built a Better Beauty Company for Everyone

While developing a great product is a good start, Jordan wanted to go further than that when he built Gleamin. He created a company built on honesty and transparency that utilizes clean formulas and organic ingredients. The results are both cruelty-free, ethically sourced, and PETA-certified products that work. Gleamin isn’t about airbrushing or photoshopping. Instead, the company works to provide accurate representations of all its products, so people know what they’re buying. The ingredients list isn’t littered with chemical compounds you haven’t heard of, and the packaging doesn’t lie to you.

The company’s commitments go beyond just skincare, and they work to empower people in all aspects of their lives. So they support Kiva, contributing 1% of their profits to help expand financial access to underserved communities and motivate the people there. Locally, Gleamin contributes to Food Bank LA and donates 10,000 meals annually to provide people in need with the food to help them be healthy. Their efforts stretch online as well, where they use their global platforms to educate their community on social justice issues and empower them with the knowledge and confidence to advocate for what they believe in.

Gleamin is all about being the best you can be, and the company lives and breathes that from top to bottom. Jordan believes in making every customer feel like they’re part of a higher purpose, as part of a worldwide effort to support natural, sustainable beauty products. In supporting Gleamin, you’re not just buying a product. You’re helping support good causes around the world and advocate for healthier beauty.

Support a company that wants to give back with Gleamin’s Vitamin C Mask.

Gleamin Face Mask

How Natural Ingredients Like Castor Oil Make Your Skin Its Best

Gleamin is not only made with natural superfoods. It also completely excludes harmful substances that can damage your skin in the short or long term. Parabens were excluded because they have been seen to negatively impact immune systems, phthalates are thought to harm your metabolism, and sulfates can irritate your eyes. Going even further, the company opted to stay away from alcohol as it can dry out the skin, and gluten didn’t make the cut because it can cause rashes in many people.

Instead, Gleamin is a collection of over a dozen natural superfoods that all work together and offer unique, distinct benefits to your skin. Turmeric root is an antimicrobial that targets pores, calms skin, and awakens natural glow. Desert lime rejuvenates your skin’s firmness, tone, and tissue to help it glow. Castor oil is an age-old remedy for skin-related issues built with vitamin E, omegas 6 & 9, and proteins to help smooth out the skin. Kakadu plum is not only the world’s richest source of vitamin C, but it can also help soothe acne and irritation and support healing the skin.

These aren’t just isolated ingredients, though. Instead, each superfood that was included acts as a member of Gleamin’s symphony, working in tandem to allow your skin to be its best. Each ingredient is perfectly balanced so that it doesn’t overpower the mixture and instead allows them all to participate and perform their function. With just ten minutes, these powerful superfoods can leave your face feeling better than ever. All Gleamin needs from you is a chance to work.

Try this fantastic superfood-rich mask today and see what a difference it can make.


Gleamin Solves Issues You Might Not Even Realize You Have

As a man, it can sometimes be easy to accept your skin for the way it is, but it’s important to recognize what you can improve about the way you look. Many people get dark spots, also known as hyperpigmentation, thanks to everything from genetics and acne scars to damaging UV rays. These can be a result of sun exposure over the years or the hormonal changes and skin trauma brought about by acne breakouts. But by utilizing some vitamin C, you might find that these can clear up not only dark spots but scars and other miscellaneous discolorations as well.

You might also feel that the texture of your skin is uneven, which can be caused by numerous sources. Skin texture can result from sun damage, a buildup of dead skin cells, aging, genetics, dietary issues, or others. Luckily, you have solutions. Consider exfoliating and moisturizing, avoiding smoking, and wearing sunscreen, and try using a Vitamin C facemask like Gleamin.

Skin inflammation is no joke and can affect all of us. Not only can it be painful, but the redness, dryness, and discoloration can be very apparent and may cause you to feel uncomfortable. It can be triggered by something as simple as photosensitivity or as complicated as an infection, but either way, there are effective methods for combating it. When using a cold compress or taking an oatmeal bath just doesn’t seem to work, Gleamin might just be the best option. It not only soothes and clears up your skin, but this mask also leaves your face feeling fresher than it did before, so you can go back to life as normal.


Why We Believe Gleamin Is For Men Like Us

From what we can tell, there really isn’t anything out there that’s quite like Gleamin. It works to empower all people, not only by giving them healthy skin but by contributing to charitable causes and using its platform for good. Not only that, but it strives to be a new kind of beauty brand built on natural, sustainable ingredients and honest communication without any airbrushing. We’ve become believers in their natural blend of superfoods and realize how important it is for men to take care of the skin on their faces. So ask yourself how you can improve your skincare routines, and ask yourself if Gleamin fits in—because we think it does.

Treat your skin to this superfood mask today.

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