The First Laser Tag Workout Studio is Officially Here


Boutique gyms with cult-like group classes and trendy ‘new’ workouts are a dime a dozen, but one studio aims to incorporate a teenage pastime into the ultimate high-intensity workout – or at least, one worthy of breaking a sweat. LazRfit, a Los Angles-based studio, is the first laser tag-devoted gym, offering sessions within their expansive LazRpark, a modern, 4000 sq. foot space with parkour-like obstacles and ramps, not unlike an adults’ version of a skate park. A ‘class’ is comprised of 2 short sessions, at just 12 minutes each, so players’ need for endurance may be an unnecessary (although otherwise valuable) skill. Each player is supplied with a handle and holster, both engineered for comfort and sleekness, with the goal of shooting opponents’ targets along the stomach, shoulder and handle, with points awarded based on difficulty of target. Yes, there are winners, but creators Philippe and Lucie Robert aim to hone in on a clientele of gym beginners with no defined long-term plan and the cardio-averse, the true ‘winners’. 

Originally created in an attempt to find a sustainable workout in winter conditions, LazRfit is a year-round, full-facility alternative to cycling and boxing boot camps. The studio’s goals for its clients are lofty – promoting 200 calories burned in a single session, an increase in metabolism and energy levels, a leg workout that includes squats, lunges, and the potential for weight-loss. Still, a 24-minute class is short, and perhaps less-suited to gym-goers who finish their warm-up in the same amount of time. “To those who say laser tag is a childhood game, they’re right,” says Lucie Robert, who developed the concept in an effort to upgrade the game, she says, is long overdue, “Laser tag is a childish game. But LazRfit is a sport.” Though, a chance to relive your childhood might be the best game of all. A single class, which includes warm up exercises, 2 rounds and stretching, runs $29, while a pack of 20 will set you back $310.