The Get Lean Playground Circuit


What You’ll Need:

Suspension trainer, bench, swing set, and field


The workout consists of three circuits: A, B and C. Spend 20 seconds on an exercise, rest 10 seconds, then go to the next one. Repeat until you’ve completed six total rounds, rest two minutes, and then go on to the next circuit.

Circuit A

1. Burpee
Squat down and place your hands on the ground. shoot your legs back into push-up position. Perform a pushup, then jump your feet close to your hands. from there, jump as high as you can.

2. Suspended Row
Set the handles of a suspension trainer (we like the TRX, shown above) five feet above the ground. Hold the handles and hang underneath them with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle. Row your chest up to the handles.

3. Suspended Fall Out (Above)
Hold the handles and stand behind the straps. Keeping your core braced, lean forward and raise your arms (you’ll look like superman flying). Go as far as you can without your lower
back sagging.

Circuit B

1. Swing Set Pole Climb
Sit near the bottom of one of the supporting legs of a swing set, straddling it. Hold the pole with both hands. Pull yourself up the pole using only your hands—keeping your legs straight. When you reach the top (or as far as you can safely go), climb back down.

2. Suspended Push-up
Set the handles of a suspension trainer at five feet above the ground. Hold the handles and extend your legs behind you. Perform push-ups.

3. Suspended Mountain Climber
Put your feet in the foot cradles of the suspension trainer. Place your hands on the ground in the top of a pushup. brace your abs and raise one leg to your chest. bring your leg back to start and repeat on other leg.

Circuit C

1. Bulgarian Split Squat, 1½ reps
Rest one foot on a bench behind you. bend your support leg until your rear knee nearly touches the ground. come halfway up, then down again. now come all the way
up (one rep). next circuit, use the opposite leg.

2. Suspended Dip
Set up the suspension trainer handles and perform dips.

3. Suspended Face Pull
Use the same setup as the dip and lean back with your arms straight, palms facing down. Pull your body forward, rotating your wrists so your palms face each other when your hands are next to your forehead.

4. Sprint
Using a field or hill, sprint for 10 seconds. Walk back and repeat for six to eight reps.

Jon-Erik Kawamoto is a trainer at Definitions fitness company in Newfoundland, Canada.