The Go-To Workout

The Go-To Workout

We all lose our way. We fall for the latest exercise gimmick or try some New Age workout—with disappointing results. This program will help you get back on track fast, producing gains right out of the box. Call it the “Go-To Workout.” Whenever you need to make quick progress or rebound into shape after some lesser routine wasted your time, do it and start growing again.

The first exercise in each workout is a heavy or explosive movement, providing the majority of your gains. The remaining exercises support that primary lift. To keep it challenging, add weight to each exercise as often as you can. Afterward, eat as much lean protein and carb-dense foods as you can to promote growth. You’ll gain muscle for six weeks straight.

Complete each workout day (I, II, III, and IV) once per week for six weeks. Note: Some of the exercises, sets, and reps will change weekly to keep your body guessing. Click Here for Weeks 2 – 6 Variations.

Time Needed
45 minutes

Do It
Perform the paired exercises (“a” and “b”) as alternating sets until you’ve finished all the prescribed sets. Do the remaining moves as straight sets.

The Workouts:

Week I, Day I Week I, Day II Week I, Day III Week I, Day IV
Click Here for Weeks 2 – 6 Variations

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