The Mountain From ‘Game of Thrones’ Throws a Keg 24.5-Feet Into the Air

Our favorite Game of Thrones giant, Hafþór Björnsson, has proved yet again why he's the perfect man to play The Mountain. As a strongman competitor, the actor has earned a few impressive records, such as being named Europe’s Strongest Man and carrying a 1,400-pound Viking ship mast to break a 1,000-year-old record. His last laurel was in March, when he earned a strongman honor by hurling a 56-pound kettle bell 19 feet and three inches into the air with one hand. And now he’s breaking records again — this time with a keg throw.

While competing at a Giants Live competition in Sweden, Björnsson tossed a 33-pound keg 24.5 feet (about two and a half stories) into the air. According to the event, a qualifier for the World's Strongest Man competition, it was no strain for The Mountain. "It was easy! I could have broken the roof," he told the organizers. Björnsson ended up taking first place at the competition and is already gearing up for his next event, defending his current European title. "It was amazing to do this in front of the great crowd. Bring on Europe's Strongest Man," he said.