The Nick Jonas Workout

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What was the secret formula to Nick Jonas’ fitness success? We tracked down his trainer, Gregg Miele, for the go-to route that got him big and ripped. 

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Reps: 8-15 each exercise

1. Quad Mill Eccentric Squats

Stand on the platform in its lowest position with feet shoulder-width apart. Allow your body to move naturally through a squatting motion with the platform, making sure your head does not change levels. A regular squat works if there is no Quad Mill.

2. Pullup with Grip Variations

Hang from a pullup bar with a palms-down grip, squeeze your glutes and cross your legs behind you, and pull your shoulder blades down and back. This is the start position. Pull yourself up so your collarbone is in line with the bar and slowly lower yourself back down to the start position. Change your grip each round.

3. Prowler Push

Load up a Prowler sled and push it with straight arms, driving your toes into the floor.

4. Renegade Overhead Press

Place one end of a barbell in a landmine station, load up the other end, and outfit it with a renegade attachment. Perform shoulder presses with your hands facing each other. Dumbbells also work for this.

5. Tyler Grip Dumbbell Curl Variations*

Outfit a pair of dumbbells with Fat Gripz (a towel wrapped around the handle works, too). Holding the dumbbells at your sides, keep your upper arms stationary and curl the weight.

6. VertiMax Lifts

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart on a VertiMax station and reach across your body with your right hand and grasp the resistance band by your left foot, right thumb pointing backward. Keep your arm straight and raise it so that it ends up next to your right ear, thumb pointed backward. Repeat on the opposite side. Standing on a resistance band works as well.

7. Jacob’s Ladder

Set up in a Jacob’s Ladder and climb for 200 feet.

Repeat for three rounds



Reps: 8-15 each exercise

1. Skorcher Hip Thrusts

Set up in a Skorcher station with a loaded barbell across your lap, a pad separating you from the bar. Lower your hips as far as possible, then squeeze your glutes to raise your hips up so there is a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. Hold for a second, then slowly lower yourself back down.

2. TRX Recline Pull Progressions

Lie on your back on the ground and hold a TRX with your hands facing each other. Keep your body in a straight line, heels on the ground, and pull yourself up so that your chest is in line with your hands. On the second time through, raise one foot off the ground, and on the third round elevate your feet on a bench or box.

3. Prowler Pulls*

Load up a Prowler and pull it backward, driving with the feet.

4. Board Drop Pushups

Stack two 2-by-4-inch boards on the ground under your chest. Get in a pushup position and, keeping your elbows tucked, slowly lower your chest to the boards. Drive your hands hard into the floor to push yourself back up to the start position. Remove a board after each set.

5. Tubing Pressdowns

Loop an exercise band around a pullup bar and hold it with two hands. Keep your upper arms by your sides and extend your elbows. Perform 30 fast reps.

6. ERG Chops

Stand with your shoulder toward a standing rower. Grasp one of the handles with both hands, chest facing the rower. Rotate your shoulders so that your chest faces directly away from the rower, hands moving from high to low. Repeat on the other side. A cable station also works for this.

7. ERG Standing Swimmers

Stand facing a standing rower. Grasp both handles, one in each hand, and perform a breast stroke motion as if swimming.

Repeat for three rounds

*Perform 30 reps on each leg

PHOTOGRAPHY: Spencer Heyfron
CLOTHING: Nick Jonas wears the new ultraslim cotton tank top with contrast trim by Lacoste L!VE, available April 2014.
GROOMING: Kristan Serafino for using Grooming Lounge

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