The Oil for Everything

Mj 618_348_the oil for everything

You’re probably used to associating oils with massages and pre-shaving or things like salads and car engines…but the brand-new Jack Black Epic Moisture MP10 Nourishing Oil puts oils into a completely new multi-use, problem-solving realm for men.

Unlike most oils, it’s dry, meaning that it’s not a messy, heavy slick of slippery slime and absorbs just as fast as, if not quicker, than most lotions and creams. This matters to you because a good dry oil can solve, in just a few pumps, at least eight unique issues that are typically dealt with by a host of other products, without making you feel greasy. At all.

We’ll start with shaving, since that’s where you’re probably used to including an oil in your routine. Epic Moisture’s natural soothing and moisturizing agents like jojoba oil, grape seed oil, organic baobab seed oil, and organic marula seed oil make it a quality pre-shave oil for sensitive skin. These same ingredients are powerful enough for actual shaving, and because they’re lightweight, they won’t clog your blade. And if you’re doing the whole facial hair thing, it’s just the kind of quick-absorbing, neutrally scented leave-in beard conditioner that your significant others will very much appreciate.

Moving upwards towards your face: Choice ingredients like anti-aging and firming organic moringa seed oil, antioxidant rich rice bran oil, restorative watermelon seed oil, and deeply hydrating argan oil make Epic Moisture a well-rounded face moisturizer that wrinkles, flakes, and redness should fear. Since it has no SPF, Epic Moisture can be used as a top-shelf night treatment for your face, especially after a day in the sun, given its ability to calm inflammation. And no, it won’t leave stains on your pillow.

The same concoction also delivers a 1-2 punch to not-so-sexy issues like flaky elbows, knees, and dry feet that can become embarrassing in summer-length clothing.

When you’re done with your skin, rub some through your towel dried hair. The cabal of aforementioned ingredients also remedy the drying effects of chlorine, sun, and salty sea water. Plus, it gives that ‘Mad Men’ shine without creating a shellac-like helmet out of your hair. [$32/1.2 oz;]

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