The Palloff Press


At the end of a workout, attach a D-handle to a cable pulley, hold it at your sternum, and stand with your left shoulder pointed toward the machine—far enough away that you feel tension on the cable. (You can also use a medium-weight resistance band wrapped around a pole.) Keeping your shoulders and hips square, press the cable straight out in front of your body, resisting the tendency to rotate toward the machine. Hold the position for two seconds, then slowly return your hands to your sternum. Do three sets of 12 reps, and then repeat the press facing in the opposite direction.

As your hands travel away from your chest, your leverage goes down. This causes the weight to increase its pull on your core. Your stabilizers—which don’t get much use with
conventional ab training—have to clamp down hard. Besides building muscle, the move is also great for runners and may help to relieve some forms of lower-back pain.

Only 15 percent of Americans lift weights regularly. We can do better!

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