The Perfect Gym Bag


Fourlaps, one of my favorite small-house athletic-wear companies, recently started selling publicly the only workout gear on which I’ve received compliments equally from stylish Manhattanites and Redwood-sized gym rats: An extremely bare bones, cool-as-hell duffel bag.


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As far as gym bags go, this thing is perfect. It’s small, just about a foot and a half long, and made of tough, camo-printed polyester — but doesn’t, thank God, look like it’s trying to pass as a grunt’s rucksack, nor does it look like it has anything to do with the camo cargo shorts you’d see at a 311 concert.

It fits exactly as much gear as you need: sneakers, one full gym getup, and a Dopp kit. Most important, it feels like a gym bag made by people who actually workout and know that you don’t need a weekender-sized sack with a billion zippers and stupid features just to hit weights for an hour. At the end of the day, it’s what everything you own should be: No fuss, well made, and doesn’t make you look like an asshole. [$39.50;]

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