The Playground Workout

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Getting into great condition can be child’s play, literally. The same games and exercises that kids enjoy in gym classes and on playgrounds around the world can be every bit as challenging as your current workout. And they’re probably a lot more fun. Now we’re not going to tell you to play duck, duck, goose or wave a rainbow-colored parachute around, but we’ve got some of the exercises that trainers are using to help youth stay lean, and develop coordination, speed, and endurance. They’ll work for you, too.

Our routine will have your muscles burning and your lungs bursting. With just two or three workouts a week, you’ll find yourself getting leaner and feeling more energetic than you have in years. Maybe even since you were a kid. Make the most of the remaining summer days and take this workout outside. You can certainly perform the exercises in a gym, too, but if you have access to a school playground or park–even a big backyard with a swing set or monkey bars-you’ll enjoy the experience that much more. Bring your kids with you and do the workout together. If nothing else, you’ll refresh your body and recondition it for the more “adult” workouts you’re used to.


FREQUENCY: Alternate Workouts A and B for two to three conditioning workouts per week, resting or completing your other weight-training workouts on the days in between. If you’re currently performing cardio workouts on your days off from lifting, you can temporarily replace them with this workout. So you could do your normal weight training on Monday, do Workout A on Tuesday, and then lift again Wednesday. You could then do Workout B on Thursday, lift Friday, and then rest Saturday and Sunday.

HOW TO DO IT: Perform the exercises in circuit fashion, completing one after the other without rest in between. After you’ve completed the last exercise in the circuit (#4), rest one to two minutes. Repeat for three to 10 circuits, depending on your fitness level.

The Workouts:

Playground Workout – Workout A

Playground Workout – Workout B

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