Now Everyone Can Wake up to The Rock

 Photographs by Hiram Garcia

We all know that The Rock is a great motivator, but what if you want something a little more than just his latest Instagram shot or watching one of his old matches on WWE Network? 

In comes The Rock Clock, the actor, wrestler, and all-around nice dude’s new app that let’s you pick a project like learning a new language, eating healthier, or losing ten pounds of non-muscle. The idea is really nothing fancy, just a series of alarms featuring Dwayne Johnson getting on your ass to get out of bed and try and achieve your goal, complete with a bunch of cool ringtones featuring The Rock, and daily motivational messages to help you push yourself just a little harder. 

Because, really, if a dude who headlined Wrestlemania and has a main character role in The Fast in the Furious movies can’t get your ass in gear, then you might be in some trouble.