The Toughest Bike You’ll Ever Buy

Mens fitness bike

Most riders know: to really score a dream bike, you have to build it yourself—carefully selecting each gadget, the proper materials, and a mechanic friend to simplify the mess of chains, spokes, tires and aluminum alloy. Pain in the ass? Um, yeah.

Rather than recommending you go out and put together your own custom-built ride, we took your must-haves and wish list items (along with plenty of our own) and poured them into one sweet all-terrain vehicle: The Men’s Fitness Folding Mountain Bike. From there we realized our riders were diverse, so we’ve created two more bikes tailored to your interests, the Men’s Fitness X Rigid Frame Mountain Bike and the Men’s Fitness Electric Bike. The Men’s Fitness X is perfect for those who want a more wild ride, and the Electric Bike is built for those with a serious need for speed. 

Sure, now we’re shamelessly promoting our own products, but we’d never do it unless we truly believed in the end result.

The Basics

Built from superior materials that resist rust and corrosion, these bikes deliver durability, functionality, and sheer rideability. They’re for city and country—each is a combination of monster truck and mountain ram. Whether you fly out to ride tough single-track in West Yellowstone, or you cycle eight miles to work, the MF bikes will fly over nearly any pothole or mountain trail.

Built to do Battle

No bike is invincible to paint dings, broken derailleurs or maintenance issues—but then again, no bike should ever stay pretty if you use it right. Here’s the good news: the MF Bikes have three protective layers. Aluminum alloys, stainless steel, and anodized coatings (fancy words for protective chemicals) ensure that your ride survives harsh weather conditions.

All bikers know that when it comes to tires, thickness matters. Tires provide support and flex while you navigate. The MF Bike’s 26-inch Kenda’s SRC tires are a durable 2.125-inch-wide rubber tread, ideal for riding over city curbs or rocky dirt trails. Plus, working in sync with the shifting system, the bike’s eight-speed derailleur makes switching gears crisp and easy.

Our favorite feature? The frame. An aluminum alloy lever and stainless steel rod hinge-lock the frame together, camouflaging itself into the bike.

Made to Maneuver

Most full-suspension bikes take up a good chunk of hallway or garage space, but you can fold and unfold these bikes in seconds: All told, they flip down to a positively miniature 34 by 39 inches. Plus, at 36 lbs., the MF bike is no wimp. It’s perfect to grab and go when you’re ready to ride.

The Extras

The MF bike comes with a bonus accessory package that includes a comforatble seat—padded enough for long rides, but slim and aggressive enough for double-track descents. You’ll also get front and rear removable fenders, LED front and rear lights, a cable lock, saddle canvas bag, portable air pump, aluminum and nickel multi-tools and more. Plus, down to the last nut and brake pad, Men’s Fitness designed, engineered, and tested this high-tech bike, all in the U.S. of A. Plus, its guaranteed for life.


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