The Two-Move Shoulder Workout

The boulder shoulder workout rotator

The reasons to develop big, broad shoulders are twofold. On one hand, big shoulders complete an athletic look and may even make your waist appear slimmer. On the other hand, every competitive sport, especially during block situations in football, requires shoulder strength to some extent.

“The best exercise for increasing shoulder size is the hang clean and press and the next best is the snatch grip high pull,” says Jason Ferrugia, owner of Renegade Strength & Conditioning based in Santa Monica, CA. “Train shoulders smarter and stop wasting time with lateral raise variations.”

Add shoulder mass fast with these two full-body compound exercises. 

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Jason says: If you want big shoulders, perform both of these exercises twice per week. If you do full-body workouts do them first in your routine. If you use an upper/lower split, do them to start your upper-body days.



Sets: 4
Reps: 6
Rest: 90 seconds
Jason says: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart holding barbell just above your knees. Keep your back arched and quickly clean the bar up to chest height. Press the weight up to lockout, directly overhead, while keeping your spine neutral. Squeeze your glutes as hard as you can at lockout to protect your lower back.


Sets: 4
Reps: 6
Rest: 90 seconds
Jason says: Grab the bar with a wide grip and your index finger in the power rings. Start with the bar just above your knees and your back arched.  Explosively straighten your hips and pull the bar up to upper-chest height. Drop it back down to knee height and repeat.

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