Think NYC Subways Are Filthy? There Are 3,000 Types of Acne-causing Bacteria on Something Else You Touch Every Day.


On a day-to-day basis, you come in contact with some pretty disgusting things, which are largely to blame for the hacking, slobbering colds you can’t seem to escape or shake. And researchers have found the worst culprits.

An NYU sample of 66 New York City indoor and outdoor ATMs—in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens—found their keypads to be teeming with bacteria. Luckily, though, most are harmless types that thrive on skin and home surfaces.

No, the real evildoers are inside the ATMs, the researchers say: The cash the machines spit out is rife with more than 3,000 types of bacteria. Many are linked to acne (collective shudder), but some are deadly antibiotic resistant strains. So consider your hands tainted after withdrawals—or, better yet, get yourself a Bitcoin account.

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