This App Wants to be the Uber of Bathrooms


Postmates, TaskRabbit, Uber — there’s an app for just about everything, but one startup is providing the one service that can’t be delivered: access to a bathroom. Good2Go, backed by the likes of Whole Foods’ former Chairman, the former EVP and CFO of Dunkin’ Brands, and a current Google SVP, grants access to existing retailer bathrooms, once the hallowed grounds one could only visit through the purchase price of a pack of gum or small coffee. The app is simple: users locate bathrooms closest to them using an interactive map, unlock the bathroom using a unique code recognized by the door’s censor, and effectively check in to the bathroom. And for those without the app, fear not, patrons can still obtain a code or key from the retailer.

The app provides a queue system, allowing you to wait your turn and anticipate any unwanted wait times, should you find yourself in any close-call situations. Much like Uber or Lyft, Good2Go also provides a post-visit rating system through which users can comment on important matters such as toilet water pressure and sink cleanliness. Daily maintenance, however, is at the behest of retailers, so strewn toilet paper may not be a thing of the past. Unlike accident-prone public bathrooms, though, Good2Go’s have also gotten a much-needed upgrade, complete with touchless sinks, dryers, and improved ceiling and mirror lighting. For now, the startup operates only in San Francisco coffee chains and restaurants with plans to expand to New York in 2018. Catering to travelers, parents, and the “1099 workforce”, as founder and CEO Fran Heller refers to, which includes demand delivery workers and drivers, the app is said to benefit retailers with more foot traffic and revenue – though probably not the foot traffic they envisioned having. Good2Go is free, but fees of $2.99 for a day pass up to $49.99 for a three-month pass are planned.

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