This Diet and Type of Exercise Are the Best for Easing Depression

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If exercise causes inflammation, why is it recommended for people who have depression? Exercise helps mental health in a few ways.

Working up a sweat causes a rush of endorphins—feel-good chemicals. People who participate in group exercise, like run clubs, may get a boost from the camaraderie (which can ease symptoms of depression), according to research from McMaster University in Canada. And obesity and inflammation are linked, which fitness can help with. Importantly, inflammation from exercise is different from that of arthritis, for example.



Get physical, and the body ramps up a transient inflammatory response, like the way it gets rid of an infection. What’s dangerous is inflammation that’s nonstop, researchers from the University of Illinois find. Chronic inflammation harms tissues, and it may utilize immune system resources that could be better spent on, say, healing an injury.

So keep up the exercise and focus on anti-inflammatory foods if you suffer from depression. The Mediterranean diet is the go-to, so chow down on leafy greens, olive oil, fish, nuts, and whole grains.

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