This Sandbag Is the Strongman Tool You Can Stash In Your Carry-On


The Ultimate Sandbag has been my go-to functional training tool for several years. It’s durable as hell, gives me a way to mimic my Jiu Jitsu- and MMA-specific training with hip-toss variations and single-leg movements, and the company’s website is chock full of routines to build strength on movements that are functional as hell.

Looking great from your #fitness is great and rewarding but so is improving the quality of our lives. #strengthandconditioning coach @coach_dos has done some really interesting talks about because we lose fast twitch muscle fibers as we age the importance of building power to help reduce falls in elderly, allows us to do the things in our life for better and safer, plus is the number one thing we need in real world fitness. That's why we know the solution #DVRT can offer. We have so many layers of developing power progressively and safely with our #ultimatesandbag . Just going right into explosive exercises isn't good as we need a base. We need to know how to connect our #core , #glutes , and lats to have the foundation to create power. Our Ultimate Sandbag has also become a favotof #functionalfitness because we not only learn to be #strong up and down but in all directions and patterns. I should know as after four spinal surgeries it is this type of #functionaltraining that helped me regain my life! #rehab #sandbag #fitfluential #fitfam #sandbags #crossfit #deadlifts #kettlebell #sandbagfitness #conditioning #corestrength #menshealth #bodyweighttraining #PerformBetter #physicaltherapy #cardio #coreworkout #militarymuscle #spartanrace @perform_better

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I get the most out of it on long road trips and flights to the West Coast. As long as I have access to a beach, it’s easy to load and unload the bag, so I can just fold the lightweight (think around eight pounds) shell into my luggage, fill it with sand (or water) wherever I land, and get busy. For the money, this is the best way to work on heavy functional movement — while looking pretty badass in the process. [$65–$190;]

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