This Video Nails Why Trying to “Eat Healthy” Is So Frustrating

The folks over at Funny Or Die have a video that has that just nails the ever-changing advice coming from nutritional scientists and health magazines — guilty — over the years. In the video, a time-traveling dietician visits a man at breakfast in 1975 to give him advice from the future. The traveler’s recommendations change at a rapid-fire pace as he moves forward in the years, presumably starting in the early ’90s. First, eggs are bad because of cholesterol; then fine but for the yolk; then totally cool to eat — it’s the red meat that’s bad; or is that the bread? 


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We know the man’s pain well. Nutritional studies are uniquely complex in science and pulling real-life advice from them is all the more difficult, and has lead to many wrong-headed opinions on how we should eat. Perhaps most famous was the advice that lasted for more than half a century that fat is dietary enemy number one – the leading cause of obesity and heart disease. We now know it’s way more complex than that, and that the real enemy is probably sugar.  Finally, the man lands on sage advice: “Ignore everything I’ve said and just exercise.”


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